Column from tire industry experts

Stay Warm, Stay Safe by Matt White

Cold weather brings many challenges, but these days, even more so. When you add COVID-19 to the mix, that abundance of caution needs to get ramped…

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Don’t overlook everyday safety procedures. Since the pandemic started seven months ago, accidents in our industry have risen substantially. From last year at this time, there…

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Clean & Clear

Be clear about your drug and impairment policy. When I worked in a mine in Mongolia, contractors like me were screened at the cafeteria for drugs.…

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Column from tire industry experts

As Canada’s only national tire industry publication, Tire News brings together tire industry experts, inviting them to share their expertise and insights with our professional audience. We rely upon our experts to answer the questions consumers are asking their tire retailers about: Do winter tires make a difference? Do I need light truck tires? Do electric cars need special tires? And much more. Our national audience is interested in a broad range of topics. In Quebec, for example, there are a lot of questions about studded tires and Quebec winter tire dates. Our readers also want to know about tire recycling and how recycled tires are processed. For this audience, reliable tire recycling is a concern, as is the topic of tire stewardship, and many wonder where to recycle tires. Commercial tire recycling can be especially challenging, but here again, our experts can shed light on the matter. Of course, keeping tires out of landfills altogether, while limiting the number of scrap tires, is ideal. That’s why sustainable tires and flat tire repair are topics that are often asked about. It’s better to repair your tires, rather than have to turn them over to a tire recycling program.

Choosing winter tires

Life in Canada is synonymous with life in the snow, at least for a good part of the year. It’s no surprise, therefore, that our tire industry experts talk about how to choose winter tires and light truck winter tires. Choosing winter tires, and how to choose a tire for car owners are key questions tire retailers need to be able to address with their customers. With the entire world moving towards electrification, our industry experts offer information about electric car tires. Many wonder, do electric cars need special tires? Our experts can answer these questions about tire and technology.

Tire market in Canada

As tire market trends change and shift, our industry experts are here to help tire retailers keep their tire marketing efforts on point. The automotive tire market is evolving, and choosing tires to sell, as well as choosing tires for truck owners, in particular, can be a challenge. Our experts can guide retailers to the right solutions, focusing on choosing the right tire types, and choosing tire size preferences for their local market. There are a variety of tire options available. From performance tires to all-season tires, and other tire categories, understanding the different types of tires can help you make an informed decision.

Tire safety standards

Keeping motorists safe is a major concern for our readers, as well as for our tire industry experts who are dedicated to providing insight and advice to tire retailers, and arming them with tire safety tips they can pass on to consumers. Tire safety standards are paramount to keeping Canadian roads safe, that’s why consumers must understand the basics: How to inflate the tire. What to do in the event of a tire puncture. How to repair your tires. How to deal with icy roads. And even how to read and understand information that’s recorded on the side of the tire. Every step of the way, our tire industry experts are here to help and to educate.