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Alexandre McCabe is a Network Operations Advisor for Point S Canada. Photo Point S Canada

Everyone should know that the image a company projects will impact the type of customer that will walk through their door and will play on their retention.

This image will also have an impact on the average invoice amount and even on the choice of maintenance services and tires that the customer will make. Visual identity will positively or negatively filter the type of customer that will walk through your door.

In 2023, customers are more alert, informed and have higher expectations. Uncle Bob who welcomes his customers with dirty hands, wearing an oil-stained overcoat, next to his traditional peanut vending machine, in a dark waiting room furnished with an old torn leather couch placed on a filthy floor between two boxes of used parts, who hands over a handwritten invoice…

Anyway, you see the picture and you probably laugh at my analogy. But, if I describe this scene, it’s because although not very frequent, this type of shop still exists and I visited some in 2022.

That being said, with the current labour shortage, wages are on the rise as are hourly rates. The price you charge should be reflected in all aspects of the customer experience.

So why not take the opportunity to invest in a brighter, sleeker, cleaner waiting room? Dress your reception staff appropriately, keep the counter clean and tidy, provide tasteful and comfortable chairs.

Small gestures

You can also invest in little touches that will make a wow effect to your customers such as offering beverages, put some entertainment items such as a television with a scrolling banner presenting your products and services while broadcasting a popular channel, offer free WIFI.

A phone tree and a friendly and inviting on-hold message will start the customer experience positively. A clean and updated bathroom will also have a major impact on people’s perception of your tire and mechanical center.

Another great example to implement is to acquire a charging station for electric vehicles. Usually the EV customer will have spent a substantial amount of money on their car and will be afraid to entrust tire and maintenance work to a shop that does not seem to have the skills to work efficiently and safely on their vehicle.

So, your customer driving his gleaming Tesla, or his very ecological Leaf, will be amazed to see that his car is plugged in when he comes by at the end of the day to pay his bill and collect his car. He will have the peace of mind of knowing that he will have enough energy to return home without a hitch.

Low cost, high impact

Excluding the cost of acquiring the charging station, which will be a must for all workshops within a few years, the cost of plugging in a vehicle for a few hours is minimal, but the effect on perception is major.

Adhering to a banner will also have a positive effect on your business since customers will recognize a shop as a result of an advertisement to which they have been exposed.

Joining a banner will play favorably on your image since it will impose certain standards that will be noticed by the customer. In short, investing in image is certainly worth it.

Have a good winter!


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