Mechanical maintenance and diagnostic

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Mechanical maintenance and diagnostic

The bread and butter of every independent garage is car repair and car maintenance. From the basic oil change to transmission repair jobs, car alignment, brake pad replacement and beyond, car repair and maintenance is your specialty. In fact, some business models are built on selling engine oil, and the simple engine oil change, whether that means using traditional oil or synthetic engine oil. Basic car maintenance also involves other components and parts, so you may have customers asking about automatic transmission maintenance or a transmission oil change, and wondering which transmission oil is best for their vehicle. You might also be called upon for car air conditioning repair, especially when the seasons change. Car air conditioner repair can be a big boost to business in the warmer months.

Brake pads

Another big business opportunity is brake pad replacement. At the very least, you would want to take a look at all your customers’ brakes as part of a regular car maintenance program when they come in for other issues. This could be an opportunity to increase sales. Of course, to boost sales, you could check to see if each vehicle that rolls into your bays needs items like a car air filter (a.k.a. cabin air filter). A car battery test might help you sell a new battery, while checking the car coolant fluid level and condition can help you sell a radiator service. These simple steps don’t require you to do a full car diagnostic in order to find sales opportunities. There are a multitude of problems that can occur on each type of vehicle, it is important to call on a team of experts for the mechanical or electrical repair of a vehicle, and it is also important to be up to date with the new technologies.

Electric car maintenance

With the growth in popularity of electric vehicles, you’ll want to prepare for the future of car repair and car maintenance. These vehicles won’t need spark plugs or an oil filter, but there will be opportunities for electric car battery maintenance, which may require the use of electric car diagnostics tools that you currently may not be familiar with. Hybrid vehicles are another source of potential business, if you know where to look for opportunities. Do hybrid cars need more maintenance? What does hybrid battery maintenance involve? And what’s the difference between hybrid car maintenance vs regular maintenance? Is hybrid maintenance more expensive, and therefore a better source of business? These are all questions that you’ll need answers to as you plan for the future. If you’re not sure, now is the time to do a simple analysis: maintenance cost hybrid vs gas. Once you know the numbers, you’ll see where your opportunities are. The electric car maintenance vs gas car maintenance picture is fascinating, and understanding what’s involved, and what’s not, will decide your success in the future. Keep in mind that electric cars will still need things like wiper blades, a wheel alignment, and brake pads. They will still have an air conditioning system, and they’ll still come in looking for someone to repair that air conditioner. Prepare now, and you’ll be ready to service the vehicles of the future.