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Norma Clayton Elected to Goodyear Board

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company announced the election of Norma B. Clayton to its Board of Directors, effective Nov. 28, 2022. “We are very pleased…

Goodyear Sales and Earnings up in Q2

Recently, the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company today reported results for its second quarter of 2022. Goodyear’s second quarter 2022 sales were $5.2 billion, up 31%…

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Tire brands

Motorists are constantly looking for the best tire brands for their vehicles. There are many tire manufacturers on the market, each offering tires with different characteristics depending on the season and use. Michelin, as well as Goodyear, Pirelli, Bridgestone, Nexen, Firestone, Hankook, Sailun, Yokohama, Uniroyal, Falken and Toyo tires are common on North American roads. It is important to consider winter conditions, braking distances, limited warranties, and vehicle manufacturer recommendations before choosing original tires or recycled and retread tires for any type of road vehicle. Tires come in a range of quality levels, from basic entry-level options to premium high-end choices. Each quality range provides a varying set of characteristics.

Entry-level or budget tires

These tires are generally the least expensive and offer performances which vary from brand to brand. Budget tire brands include Nexen, Sailun, Laufenn as well as Dynamo tires.

Mid-range or quality tires

These tires offer improved performance over entry-level range, and the use of higher-quality materials give them increased durability. Quality tire brands include BFGoodrich, Hankook, Firestone, Falken and Kumho tires.

High-end or premium tires

These tires are the most expensive, but offer the best performance and longest life. Premium tire brands include Michelin, Pirelli, Goodyear, Bridgestone, Yokohama. Some leading premium tire brands use a patented technology which enables exceptional performance on the road, offering optimal grip and shorter braking distances. It’s important to consider your customers’ needs and budget when choosing a tire brand. Here are some of the major tire brands sold in Canada along with their features.

Michelin tires

Michelin tires are renowned for their quality and longevity. They are particularly popular for passenger cars and trucks. The Alpin and X-Ice models from Michelin are greatly sought after as winter tire options in Canada due to their exceptional performance.

Goodyear tires

When it comes to Goodyear tires, they are also highly regarded for their quality and durability, with options available for off-road vehicles and sports cars. Goodyear UltraGrip winter tires have earned a good reputation on icy roads.

Pirelli tires

Pirelli tires are known for their performance and exceptional handling. Pirelli high performance tires  are often used for sports cars. Pirelli Winter Sottozero tires are popular winter tires in Canada.

Bridgestone tires

Bridgestone is a trusted brand known for delivering tires that are of the utmost quality and exceptional performance, especially for sports cars, passenger vehicles, and winter driving conditions. The Bridgestone Blizzak tire is definitely one of their biggest sellers in Canada, and is highly rated by industry experts.

Nexen tires

The Nexen brand is appreciated by those looking for good tires at an affordable price, with choices available in summer, winter and all-season tires.

Firestone tires

Firestone tires are also highly regarded for their quality and durability, with popular options for passenger cars and winter tires, as well as SUVs and trucks.

Hankook tires

The Hankook brand is accessible to accommodate all types of budgets. They offer affordable choices for passenger cars and winter tires for different types of road vehicles.

Sailun tires

As for Sailun tires, they are an attractive option for drivers looking for budget friendly passenger cars tires, or low-cost winter tires.

Yokohama tires

Yokohama is a Japanese brand that offers tires known for their quality and performance. The brand offers popular options for performance cars, as well as a wide range of winter tires. The Yokohama tire Advan and Yokohama Ice Guard are popular tires in North America.

Uniroyal and Falken tires

The Uniroyal and Falken tires are appreciated by drivers looking for quality tires at a reasonable price. Uniroyal Tiger Paw tires and Falken Eurowinter tires are popular tire models of the brand.

In conclusion, it is important to consider the driving and seasonal needs of customers when choosing their next tires. Before purchasing all-season tires, performance tires or all of it other types of tires, it is crucial to compare options to find the tires that best suit your customers’ expectations. Don’t forget that road safety should be the top priority when selecting tires. For the latest tire trends, visit our expert column page.