Other categories of tires

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Other categories of tires

As a tire professional, you are well aware of the diversity of tire products available on the market. Each tire category, in turn, provides you with new business opportunities. While many retailers focus on the passenger vehicle market, some stores have diversified to specialize in all terrain tires or off road tires for the trucking community. The all terrain tire market has grown in recent years, especially with many consumers preferring pickup trucks and SUVs over traditional sedans and smaller vehicles. So don’t be surprised if your customers come to you asking about the best all terrain tires, best tires for SUVs, the best off road tires, or the best light truck tires. With so many options, your customers may need a bit of help to figure out what’s best for their vehicle.

Summer tires

While many consumers are content driving on all season tires, some performance enthusiasts will want a dedicated set of summer tires. They may be shopping for the best summer tires for their particular needs, which in their case may mean the best SUV tires. These are not the kind of customers who are still trying to decide between all season vs. summer tires. Rather, they know what they want: the best summer tires Canada has to offer.

Commercial tire market

Another niche for tire retailers is the commercial tire market. Commercial truck tires require dedicated staff and know-how. If you’re selling commercial tires, then you’re catering to the needs of a very specific demographic. Commercial vehicle tires require different tools and equipment, but if you’re committed to commercial truck tires Canada offers a vast market for you to take advantage of. Of course, wherever there’s a commercial truck, there’s also a trailer to pull, as well as many trailer tires that need to be sold and serviced to keep that trailer on the road.

Agricultural tires

We don’t often think of farmers when we think about the tire business, but when it comes to agricultural tires, Canada has a vast territory that needs to be cared for. Think of these as the ultimate off road tires, and with all the agricultural tire manufacturers and all the agricultural tractor tires, there’s a niche there that very few retailers even think about.

Tire categories

Beyond all the different market, tire retailers can explore opportunities presented by the various tire categories. With so many light trucks on the road today, don’t be surprised if someone comes by looking for all weather SUV tires or the best light truck tires. They may be interested in a good off road tire, or even hybrid off road tires, and wondering about the difference between passenger tires vs LT tires. Then, of course, there’s the bread and butter of any tire retailer: customers looking for the best all season passenger car tires or the best passenger winter tires for their vehicle. These are the same folks who may also want to explore the question of all season vs. summer tires, as they look at aspect ratios, tread life, road performance, and even stiffer sidewalls, if they’re contemplating a run-flat tire.