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Alexandre McCabe est conseiller aux opérations réseau pour Point S Canada. Photo Point S Canada

In our field, spring is the season for tire changes.

This spring euphoria is also felt by our customers who are happy to take off their set of winter tires, which are often noisier and more energy consuming, and replace them with their soft and quiet summer tires, mounted on sparkling rims.

If e-commerce has become an important part of our lives, the automotive world is no exception. Amazon has set a certain standard that creates expectations with customers that carry over into everything they will store for virtually, even tires and rims.

Attract through digital technology

They will expect the same quick and easy experience in every web store they visit. It is therefore essential to have a cutting-edge, fast and efficient e-commerce site that will meet the expectations that will help you attract these digital customers.

While the online shopping experience can be interesting for its convenience since the site is accessible 24/7, the advice of an expert is incomparable. Many customers will do research online, only to complete their purchase in store after confirming their choice with an expert.

The value of expert advice

Where the web can less obviously replace the advice of a tire professional is when the customer wants to go outside the box. By this I mean the customer who wants to do “plus sizing” for example, who wants to go up a size or two in the size of his rims, or the customer who wants to mount his pickup in a spectacular way by raising the truck and integrating oversized tires called flotation (for example: 35X12.5R20).

The web will be more difficult to accommodate this type of customer. An in-store visit will be more appropriate so that the customer can target his needs and he will find better answers by discussing his project with an expert in the field.

In cases like this, there are several factors to consider when playing with sizes: maintaining load capacity and speed rating, inflation pressure that may change with the new size, wheel offset, specific mounting hardware such as centering rings and tuner bolts and locks, TPMS sensors, etc.

In short, many things that need to be validated by an expert. In this case, your website will serve to attract the attention of customers who will then be directed to the workshop for advice. So both are necessary and work in tandem to ultimately enable you to acquire a customer by meeting their needs and completing a sale.

Happy spring season!



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