Autosphere Dealership
Employer of Choice Award

You work hard to build a great business, to cultivate a culture of excellence and provide a superior customer/employee experience. This is your chance to be recognized as one of the best employers on the national stage amongst your peers.

In partnership with CCEOC Inc. and Autosphere magazine, the ASDEOC Award creates leading employer brand recognition and a true competitive advantage for attracting, retaining and engaging top talent!

Dealership Groups and Individual Dealerships

​Dealership groups may participate as a single entity or on an individual store basis. If a group chooses to be assessed as a single entity, all surveys from participating stores will be combined to determine the overall award score. Stores within a group can be assessed individually. Data from individual stores within a group can be broken out into separate reports.

Not sure if this is right for you?
Here are some benefits you may not have thought of…

​Leadership Development and Greater Trust

​The ASDEOC program provides a unique opportunity to reconnect with your employees on a deeper level. The employer of choice opinion survey gets employees highly engaged and shows them you are listening. Ongoing, two-way communication throughout the process will build greater trust, commitment and loyalty with staff. Establishing Communication and Action Plan teams present many new development opportunities for staff who are looking to improve their leadership skillset.

​An Action Plan that Actually Works!

You’ve completed the survey, you’ve got your results, now what? This is where the rubber meets the road! You can now develop a targeted action plan that helps you address areas for improvement. As part of the reporting package, you get a Continuous Improvement action plan worksheet. This will help you fine tune your strategy, stay on track and deliver solutions in a timely manner. It’s important to get started early and show measurable results. Demonstrate that you are committed to building a better workplace and that your employee’s opinions matter.

​Unique Corporate Branding

​Canada’s leading automotive dealership magazine – Autosphere – is the premier award sponsor. Winners will be published in a special edition of Autosphere magazine and listed on both https://autosphere.ca and the asdeoc.com websites. You also receive a press release, official award logo and a beautiful trophy to display in your front lobby.


2025 registration is open.

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