Collision Repair Columnists

Consistent and Correct Calibrations

Ways to ensure ADAS tasks are properly performed and integrated into vehicle repairs. As Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) continue to grow and evolve, collision centres…

Auto Recycling: The EV Equation

There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to dismantling and recycling electric vehicles. With electric vehicles having gained prominent media coverage over…

EV Repair Considerations

For many collision centres, there are still a lot of questions surrounding electric vehicles. To begin with, a collision centre needs to determine whether it wants…

Significant Savings

OARA report highlights the economic and environmental benefits of using recycled parts compared with newly manufactured ones. At the end of 2023, the Ontario Automotive Recyclers…

Collision Repair Considerations in 2024

A number of factors are requiring operators to be highly focused on their margins. During the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, where claims volume dropped…

A Higher Standard

I-CAR’s Gold Class Shop and Platinum Technician Certification Offer Multiple Benefits. As vehicles have evolved, so have collision repair requirements. Today, high levels of complexity require…

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Collision repair columnists

As Canada’s leading national collision repair and management publication, covering collision repair news, trends and events, we bring together industry experts, so they can share their advice and insights with you, our professional audience.

Body shop

As an auto body shop owner, you know how quickly the industry is changing. Today’s auto body shops have to deal with numerous challenges, which is why our team of expert columnists is at the ready to inform and provide the insight and guidance auto body repair shop owners, and their technicians need. Whether searching for information about auto recycling, automotive paint or any other car body repair shop issues, we have the experts on hand to help you navigate the challenges and uncertainties that are sure to come our way as the industry continues to change, evolve and advance.

Car colors

As most bodywork repair professionals will acknowledge, today’s automotive paints are sophisticated chemical products. Working on modern finishes and paint colors requires more than a simple ability to spray paint a panel. The modern body repair workshop needs to be concerned with how the many products they use will work together to best match the car body color with the replacement part’s color following an automobile collision. Training and practice are key to doing the job right, and today’s body shops need to manage a number of moving parts, including the health and safety of all workers. Safety at work is a key concern, and our team of experts and columnists can keep you informed of changes in the industry that will impact your business.

Auto parts shortage

Thanks to the pandemic, we’ve seen a global auto industry parts shortage that no doubt has impacted your business. This mean that today’s collision repair professionals aren’t simply concerned about damage assessment, or finding the right color code, or how to choose paint color variations that make sense. Instead, one of your biggest challenges is dealing with the auto body parts shortage. Depending on the type of vehicle you’re working on, it would seem that it’s easier nowadays to deal with requests for changing car color than it is to find the parts you’ll need to put the car body back together again.

Future of collision repair industry

With so many challenges facing our industry, our team of columnists is working hard to keep you ahead of the learning curve. One of our columnists, for example, recently addressed the challenges many body shops are facing, based on a survey conducted by the CCPQ (Corporation des carrossiers professionnels du Québec). The study spelled out some of the financial and insurance issues you have to deal with, and recommended a number of steps that could help resolve some of these stresses. The bottom line is that our industry is changing, and quickly. Your day-to-day concerns are not about mundane issues like vehicle color or how to find the color code for the vehicle you’re working on. And as car technologies continue to evolve and advance, you’ll be dealing with more complex issues like EV battery recycling or the calibration of ADAS systems. Rest assured, our team of experts will be there to offer timely advice, when you need it most.