Tire News in Canada

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HiFly Tires: New Tire, New Economic Reality

Many of today’s consumers need a quality tire they can afford. Current economic conditions in Canada are ripe for the introduction of a new value-tier tire…

Wheels and Rims: A Solid Foundation

A tire service isn’t complete if you haven’t taken the time to inspect and clean the wheels. We often think of tires as standalone items. In…

HP Tires: A Perennial Favourite

Engineered for EVs, the Yokohama ADVAN Sport EV A/S was designed to last. Moreover, this new tire promises the sharp steering response, powerful braking and improved…

Robert Bernard: Redefining Success

This Quebec tire retailer has never lost sight of what really makes a business successful. If you were to mention the name “Robert Bernard” to anyone…

Off-The-Road Tire Conference Is a Sight to See

From earthmover TPCs to legislative issues and motivational sessions, the event covered a wide range of topics.   In attending this year’s Off-The-Road Tire Conference in…

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Tire News Canada – Keeping You Informed

As the only national B2B tire publication, we bring the tire industry and all its facets to the tire manufacturing industry, tire distributors and tire retailers across Canada. We’re not simply a tire review magazine. Rather, our tire magazine covers the entire tire industry in Canada, and beyond. We pride ourselves on bringing the latest tire news and insights to the entire automotive industry in Canada. Whether covering the tire manufacturing industry, analyzing the global tire market, or looking at where tires are manufactured, we translate the global industry into practical advice for the local tire market. Our team of journalists and columnists tackles the entire spectrum of timely topics from tire production and tire technology to the use of natural and synthetic rubber, and other raw materials, like carbon black that are essential for tire production. We also realize that our readers sell and service a broad range of customers. As a tire news magazine we cover the many niches within the broader market, including passenger car tires, green tire technologies, performance tires, winter tires, commercial, OTR and specialty tires. And while we’re not strictly a wheels and tires magazine, we are the largest tire magazine in the nation, dedicated to the tire industry in Canada.

Tire Industry, and Beyond

Our readers sell and service tires in many niche markets, and to a variety of different customers. These tire professionals know that their growth rate depends on their ability to cater to the needs of a varied and growing customer base. That’s why we are proud to bring the rest of the automotive industry to their attention. For instance, on the automotive retail side of the business, we focus on dealerships and their needs as they service the tire market from their unique place in the industry. Dealerships cater to the needs of a range of different customers, from passenger car drivers to light-truck and commercial vehicles owners. Just as dealerships service trucks and vans, we know that independent tire retailers also cater to the needs of fleet customers. That’s why we bring you insights from a fleet perspective, allowing you to better understand the needs of fleet buyers, and the kind of products and services they look for when sourcing tires for their vehicles. Since many tire industry professionals also offer mechanical services, we provide an overview of this side of the automotive market. Thus we are truly more than just a wheels and tires magazine. We offer valuable insights and news coverage of the aftermarket with the local garage, and the local tire dealer, as the intended reader. Finally, because the collision repair side of the automotive industry also requires tires for the vehicles they put back on the road, we bring you the latest on collision management in Canada. We thus put the tire industry in Canada into sharp focus for a broad range of readers and decision makers, working in all parts of the automotive industry.