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Your Last-Mile Delivery Tire Choice

The last mile. It’s always been a challenging mile. In the past, deliveries to grocery stores, retail centers, and strip malls had their variables. Bad weather,…
Acura NSX Type S Pirelli P Zero tire racetrack

Bespoke Tire: Pirelli P Zero for Acura NSX Type S

Pirelli engineers a P Zero specifically for Acura’s ultimate, limited-production super sports car. When it comes to vehicle handling and on-road performance, selecting a tire that’s…

Safety Recall: Eight Bridgestone Passenger Tires

Bridgestone is issuing a voluntary recall to recover eight (8) passenger tires that may have sustained a small pinhole in the outward-facing sidewall during manufacturing. Even…

Part 2: A Sustainable Future With Carol Hochu

For Part 1 of our interview with Carol Hochu, click here. Part 2: Social responsibility, ecological considerations and advances in engineering In the second installment of…

Part 1: A Sustainable Future With Carol Hochu

Part 1: Meeting and Exceeding environmental, social and economic goals within the tire industry. Like many facets of the automotive industry, the tire sector also continues…

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