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FMC Versus Third Party Provider

Whether it’s fuel and maintenance, licensing, or accident cost, fleet management software can not only track trends but make recommendations. “We’re already getting data sent through…

The Awakening

Canadian fleets are getting back to business as the economy wakes up from a coma. As the Canadian economy slowly awakens from a deep COVID-19 induced…
pandemic, oil futures, telematics, OEM, maintenance

Rightsize Your Spend

A strong policy is the backbone of any fuel strategy. Thanks to the pandemic, gas is cheap. And it’s likely going to stay that way for…

FCA Announces New Chrysler Grand Caravan

It replaces the Dodge Grand Caravan, with more features for less money.  After almost four decades, Dodge will no longer offer a minivan. But Chrysler does,…

Fleet Selector: What’s Available in Pickups

Good news for fleets! Due to their popularity, manufacturers are continually making improvements to trucks. Many of these improvements have been added for better fuel efficiency…

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