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In these turbulent times, it’s essential to remain in touch.

The 2022 Edition of the Quebec Automotive Aftermarket Directory (published in French only) provides a valuable link between the various industry stakeholders.

Once again this year, the Directory gives you access to suppliers, organizations, and industry professionals. Available on Autosphere.ca, the digital directory is a dynamic tool to help stay connected or for discovering potential new partners as well. In this respect, the Directory allows you to forge relationships in a context where face-to-face meetings are not advisable.

As this reference tool is based on a proven digital platform, the information it holds is regularly updated. Consulting the Directory is also remarkably simple and can be done from anywhere, at any time. Thanks to the integrated search engine, it is possible to find the representative or company you are looking for with one click.

Industry members who would like to update the information in their listing or those who would like to be included in this reference guide can do so by simply contacting their account manager. This is a simple, inexpensive process that will keep you current. As the Directory is constantly updated, it is never too late to be listed.

Contact us via this form and we will guide you through this simple process.



Park Avenue Volvo
Service Advisor - 4 days a week / 6 months a year
  Full time
Mercedes-Benz de Boucherville
Delivery Coordinator
  Full time
Entrepôt Récré-Auto
Assistant Sales Manager - Pre-Owned Vehicles
Entrepôt Récré-Auto
Pre-Owned Vehicles Sales Representative
  Full time
Carrefour 40-640 Toyota
Sales Consultant – Pre-Owned Vehicles

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