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Properly Preparing the Surfaces to be Painted

There is still confusion about when to use the products available for cleaning surfaces prior to the various operations carried out during the repair process. The…

How to Protect Bodywork Metal

When repairing a vehicle, it’s common to find bare metal as a result of the sanding required for repair operations. Bare metal must be covered with…

An Automotive Coating from Space

Would you be interested in having your vehicle covered with the blackest substance ever created by man? If we refer to the theory of colors, the…

Matching Paint Colours

The use of a spectrophotometer is undoubtedly the best method to match the colour obtained to that of the vehicle to be repainted. Unfortunately in some…

A Finish Repelling Dirt on Your Car

What if your car was covered with a body finish that repels mud, rain, bird droppings, oil and tar? For many people, washing a car is…


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