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Ford’s F-150 was the bestselling vehicle in Canada in Q3 with 29,100 units sold, down 39.9% from Q3 2020. PHOTO Ford Motor Company
Honda’s CR-V zoomed into second place sales with 16,228 units sold, up 9.5% from Q3 2020. PHOTO Honda
The Toyota RAV4 claimed third spot for Q3 with 14,920 units sold, down 29.0% for Q3 2020. PHOTO Toyota
Ram sold 14,884 pickups during Q3 2021, down 45% from the same period a year earlier. PHOTO Stellantis
Toyota’s Corolla was the bestselling passenger car and the fifth top-selling vehicle in Q3 with 13,055 units sold, a 17.6% gain over the same period in 2020. PHOTO Toyota
Honda’s Civic was the second bestselling passenger car and finished sixth overall for light vehicle sales, with 12,729 units sold, a decline of 14.2% from Q3 2020. PHOTO Honda
The Chevrolet Silverado ranked seventh in sales overall and fifth in the light truck segment for Q3 with 11,236 units sold, a decline of 22.7% from the same period a year earlier. PHOTO General Motors
The Silverado’s cousin, the GMC Sierra came in eighth overall and sixth in the light truck segment with 9,897 units sold, a 32.1% decline over Q3 2020. PHOTO General Motors
Ford’s Escape ranked 9th overall and seventh in light truck sales with 8,508 units sold, a 10.3% increase over Q3 2020. PHOTO Ford Motor Company
Coming in 10th place overall and eighth in terms of light truck sales was the Hyundai Kona with 8,046 units sold, a 21.2% decrease over Q3 2020. PHOTO Hyundai
Ford’s F-150 was the bestselling vehicle in Canada in Q3 with 29,100 units sold, down 39.9% from Q3 2020. PHOTO Ford Motor Company

The semiconductor shortage has caused vehicle rankings to change.

According to data gleaned from DesRosiers Automotive Consultants, as well as the Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers Association and the Global Automakers of Canada, the top-selling passenger car and light truck in Canada were the Toyota Corolla, with 13,055 units sold for the quarter and the Ford F-Series (29,100 units sold for Q3).

While the top five selling vehicles in each category are probably no surprise to many Canadians, what is surprising is how some of them have been impacted by ongoing supply issues related to the global semiconductor chip shortage.

top ten vehicle sales Q3 of 2021 canada list
The top ten sales Q3 of 2021. PHOTO DesRosiers Automotive Consultants

In recent years, light truck sales have continued to gain market share at the expense of passenger cars and while demand for the latter has continued to fall during 2021 (11.3% during Q3), light truck volumes have also been impacted due to the chip shortage—demand falling by 12.3% during the same period.

Different impacts, different results

What’s interesting about the chip shortage is how it has impacted OEMs and the models they produce in different ways.

This has resulted in a change of order for some of the top-selling vehicles in Canada, simply because some vehicles are more readily available than others.

This was particularly felt in the light truck segment, with some of the larger pickups, such as the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra being surpassed in sales by crossover utilities such as the Honda CR-V, which leapfrogged into second place, reporting a 9.5% increase in sales volume during the quarter.

In terms of year-to-date sales, the Ford F-Series and Ram are still tracking as Canada’s best-selling vehicles overall for 2021, though volumes remain significantly down compared with 2020 numbers (15.7% and 13.6%) respectively, due to the ongoing impact of the semiconductor shortage.


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