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Miguel Angers ISN canada president portrait
Newly appointed ISN Canada President, Miguel Angers, has ambitious market development plans for the automotive tool and equipment specialist. Photo: Michel Beaunoyer

As ISN Canada President, Miguel Angers has a front-row seat to witness firsthand the transformations that are reshaping the automotive service sector.

In mid-November, Miguel Angers succeeded Martin Côté at the helm of the company, which specializes in the distribution of automotive industry tools and equipment from a wide array of reputed manufacturers, including Rotary and Atlas, as well as automotive industry lubrication system specialist Graco. “The role and conditions at ISN were the perfect fit for me,” explains the industry veteran who built his career in the automotive parts distribution sector.

“I identify closely with the values and culture of this team, which is uniquely positioned to become a dominant player in this industry sector, as laid out in the three-year market development plan.”

Raising visibility

To reach this objective, Miguel Angers will begin by increasing the celebrity of the company with the decision-makers in the automotive maintenance and repair networks of new and used vehicle retailers. “We offer a turnkey solution to automotive maintenance professionals for all of their equipment needs,” he explains.

“My goal is to expand our expertise by adding new, experienced representatives who know what’s going on in the field to our team.”

The Canadian division of the ISN Group covers the entire territory, but there is immense potential for growth in several regions. Quebec is well served, but points of service in Ontario and Western Canada will see their offering significantly enhanced under the new management.

Technological revolution

“The automotive sector is in a period of transition,” explains the ISN Canada President.

“Technological advances are forcing shops to either catch up or pack up. Advanced driver assistance systems, to name a few, are a major challenge for repairers. We want to become a resource for aftermarket leaders who will embrace this challenge, not only in terms of advanced equipment and tooling, but also in terms of knowledge sharing.

“The systems, tools and equipment chosen by a workshop have a colossal impact on their profitability and sustainability. In this sense, we want to advise, support, and even train these teams of specialists as they strive to master these new technologies.

‘’As part of this shift, in February, ISN Canada will complete the integration of its systems into a single integrated management system to facilitate customer service and operational efficiency in order to offer greater accuracy and better service to our customers across Canada.

“In addition, ISN Canada is working on redesigning its websites and online stores (such as toolweb.ca) to provide faster and more user-friendly access to enhanced content, advanced functionalities to better assist customers in their purchasing process, while offering value-added services from a partnership perspective, and not just a transactional one.

“I am privileged to be accompanied by a team of passionate automotive industry professionals who are dedicated to both ISN and our customers. Together, we will work to position ISN Canada as the partner of choice for all tooling and equipment needs on a national scale,” Angers concludes enthusiastically.


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