AAPEX2020: Walker Focuses on Oxygen Probes

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The Walker supplier is constantly adding to its oxygen sensor line. Photo: Walker

As part of AAPEX 2020, Walker Company showcased its updated and comprehensive line of oxygen sensors.

As exhaust systems are designed to be replaced far less frequently than they were a decade ago, Walker has accelerated its expertise in a range of probes, including oxygen probes that are more prone to replacement.

On the AAPEX 2020 product showcase, Walker featured a variety of aftermarket replacement parts, including the Bung & Plug probe package.

The oxygen sensor is a small device that determines the percentage of oxygen in exhaust gases. Oxygen level is a very good indicator of combustion efficiency. It is also a sensor that accurately indicates the ratio of air and fuel mixture in the combustion chamber.

Walker sensors feature ceramic sensor bodies that protect the components and make installation easier. The surface is coated with a gas-impermeable platinum coating to protect against corrosion. These parts are designed to meet or exceed original parts.

More details on the Walker family of sensors can be found at walkerproducts.com/products/oxygen-sensors.


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