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John Bean's V3300 brings a new level of accuracy to shops that do alignment and adjustments on ADAS systems. Photo: John Bean

As part of SEMA360, John Bean Company presented, among its new products, a complete alignment and diagnostic system, the V3300.

This mobile unit has been designed to simplify the work in the workshops. It offers the speed and accuracy needed to perform more alignments in less time. The equipment reduces the risk of errors for even the most inexperienced technicians.

Its notification system acts as an assistant to solve problems during alignment. It will correct errors automatically but will report more serious cases to the technician while guiding him/her to the operations to be completed. In fact, the V3300’s integrated software gives direct access to manufacturers’ information, including reminders, and pressure sensor programming processes.

The unit will notify the technician when the vehicle is equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). With EZ-ADAS accessories, the technician will simply follow the steps to make adjustments and position targets according to the correct procedure.

Real-time information

Since the unit is permanently connected to the Internet, vehicle data, including alignment specifications, parts replacement and steering wheel angle adjustment processes are constantly updated.

The high-speed camera, powerful software and notification system work together to provide the user with precise indications to ensure the accuracy of his work.

Because the unit is mobile and compact, it can be moved from one service bay to another without any problems. Several optional add-on devices are available, including an even faster VIN code reader.

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