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Midsize Sedans Comfortable Choices

You don’t always have to put your reps in trucks or SUVs. Trucks and SUVs are the most popular vehicle segments in Canada, but some fleets prefer…

Minister Wilkinson Kicks-Off #EVWeek in Canada

Reducing pollution from the transportation sector is critical to Canada achieving its climate targets. That’s why the Government of Canada is making it easier for Canadians…

Cymat & Global Car Manufacturer Have Agreement 

Cymat Technologies Ltd. announced that it has entered into a component development agreement with a global automotive manufacturer (“OEM”). Cymat, together with its design partner Tesseract…

NAFA Green Fleet Awards Open Until July 15 

These awards recognize peak-performing fleets that have made a positive impact on the environment. Whether it’s enhanced operational practices or ground-breaking and inventive programs, these awards…

Holman: Driving What’s Right

Now known as Holman, this well-respected fleet organization is poised to tackle the challenges of an ever-changing automotive landscape. The ARI name has long stood for…

Transdev Acquires 30 New Electric School Buses

Continuing its energy transition strategy, Transdev Canada announces the purchase of 30 new electric school buses from Quebec-based Lion Electric. This is another major investment made…

Fleet Maintenance: Time for Teamwork

Fleets need to work with their fleet management companies, and their local garages or dealerships in order to keep maintenance costs down. With the costs of…

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Fleet Management in Canada

The fleet management picture in Canada, as well as around the globe, is changing dramatically. As new vehicles and new technologies emerge, fleet managers need to keep on top of things in order to avoid surprises. With regular fleet news, and in-depth articles from our team of journalists and columnists, fleet professionals can rest assured that they’re getting a clear and accurate picture of the industry. From complete coverage of topics as diverse as fleet management software, driver behaviour, fleet policy issues and beyond, you’ll find it here. Fleet management news is in our DNA, and we deliver on a daily basis. Our focus on commercial fleet news, fleet car news, and fleet operations in general Canada and beyond, guarantees a complete overview of the entire industry in one fleet owner magazine. Whether you work for one of the major fleet management companies, or you manage a fleet on your own, you can depend on us to keep you on top of trends and ahead of the curve.

Fleet Vehicle – An Evolution

As recent vehicle sales figures prove, the market is changing quickly. Electric vehicles, and electrified vehicles are making headlines as a growing number of manufacturers look beyond the traditional internal combustion engine. Whether an electric vehicle, or an electrified vehicle is right for your fleet is a matter that each fleet manager must assess independently, and it’s our goal to arm you with the insight and knowledge you need in order to make the right decision. Of course, managing a fleet of vehicles is a big job that requires an understanding of many different areas of the industry. This is why we bring you the entire automotive world in one information-packed publication, and with regular updates and news features online.

For example, we know you need to know about tires for your fleet vehicles, which is why we cover the tire segment in-depth, bringing you the latest product information and advice on which products are best for your fleet. To help you keep your fleet vehicles on the road, we provide complete coverage of the aftermarket so that you know how best to maintain and repair your vehicles either in-house or with your local mechanic. We also provide the latest on dealership news, since we know that your journey and research into new fleet vehicles begins with a local dealership, and that you’ll be taking advantage of programs, like Ford Pro for example, with your local dealer. Finally, since we all know that bad things can happen, even to the best fleet drivers, our coverage of the collision repair industry assures that you know what happens to your vehicles once they’re in for a major repair after an accident. Because you’re focused on fleet management, we’re happy to bring the entire auto industry to your doorstop, your desktop and your mobile device, helping you succeed and flourish as the industry continues to evolve and change.