SEMA360: BASF Launches Glasurit 100 Line

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The new 100 Line product range from Glasurit. Photo: BASF

One of the star products that BASF revealed at SEMA360 is certainly the new Glasurit 100 Line.

Glasurit, BASF’s premium brand of refinish paint, launched its most advanced waterborne primer system, the 100 Line, last September and showcased it at SEMA360. Focused on a new standard of durability, process efficiency and maximum product quality, the new line meets the highest demands of modern body shops.

“The new 100-Line line enables customers to become more competitive, increase their bottom line, improve their environmental footprint and boost overall performance,” states BASF. Glasurit’s 100 Line range is the first basecoat range on the market with a VOC value of 250 grams per liter, a 40 percent reduction compared to traditional waterborne basecoats, and well below all global VOC requirements. The new range will expand Glasurit’s existing product portfolio, which includes the 90-Line, 55-Line and 22-Line ranges.

Color Stability

In a related press release, Fabien Boschetti, Director, Global Marketing, Refinish Coating Solutions, BASF gave more details about these products: “The 100 Line range from Glasurit changes the rules of the game for our customers. Not only does it offer them unprecedented quality and efficiency, but it has also set a new standard in durability by having the lowest VOC values on the market. Combined with its excellent colour stability, solid application and environmental attributes, the 100 Line line is the most innovative and durable paint system in the industry. It increases the number of touch-ups performed on cars.”

Boschetti adds: “Compared to existing basecoat paint lines on the market, customers can expect savings of up to 35% in processing time due to faster application and shorter evaporation cycles. And additional savings of up to 20% can be achieved through reduced material consumption.”

Innovative technology

Glasurit’s 100 Line range is based on innovative pigment technology that allows body shops to prepare for the current and future range of brilliant colours in the automotive industry. The colour stability of the 100 line range is very high and very resistant to external influences. In addition, Glasurit leads the market with its digital colour management solutions and takes the search for the right colour to a new level with its SmartSCAN spectrophotometer, which allows customers to easily and quickly identify accurate colours and gives them access to thousands of colour formulas.

Glasurit’s 100 Line customers also benefit from a complete solution with the promise of providing the ability to perform quality repairs in a cost-effective manner. This includes an online reporting tool for key performance indicators, called Perform100, which provides all key figures at a glance. This allows body shop managers to always have a clear overview of how their business is operating. Solve100 completes the solution and offers a colour matching support program.

Starting with select countries, the new range of base coats will be available worldwide in the third quarter of 2020.

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