Blackhawk & OK Tire: A Winning Formula

Value oriented-brand and an established distribution network offer a strong recipe for success. Affordability, practicality and reliability are three terms that many consumers seek in the…

Dynamic Tire: The One-Stop Shop

 Triangle Tire offers a complete range of tires for all applications.   Long known for their commitment to customer service, Dynamic Tire is proud to put their…

HiFly Tires: New Tire, New Economic Reality

Many of today’s consumers need a quality tire they can afford. Current economic conditions in Canada are ripe for the introduction of a new value-tier tire…

RoadX Tires: More Bang for the Buck

This new tire brand is shaking up the value-tier segment of the tire market by offering quality tires at value-tier prices.  Today’s budget-minded consumers are looking…

Sailun Tire: Quality and Capability

Strong on and off-road performance and robust value make the Terramax RT a winning proposition. One of the fastest growing tire segments in the light vehicle…

Dynamic Tire: Tracking New Markets

The rubber track market is growing at a steady pace, offering tire retailers an opportunity to tap into a whole new profit centre. Long recognized as…

Sailun Tire Americas: More Options, More Value

Rovelo’s Arctic Vision is designed to deliver flexibility, value and peace-of-mind. One of the realities most of us in Canada can’t escape is winter. Driving in…


St-Jérôme auto dépôt
Mitsubishi Repentigny
Parts clerk
  Full time
Mitsubishi Repentigny
Service Advisor
  Full time
Olivier Hyundai St-Basile
Accounting Clerk
  Full time
Terrebonne Mitsubishi
Assistant Sales Manager - Pre-Owned Vehicles

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