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robert pitt portrait

Rising to the Occasion by Robert Pitt

The automotive aftermarket proves its mettle during a global crisis. There is no doubt in my mind that every single one of us is extremely tired…

A Different Approach by Mark Lemay

Diagnosing and servicing EVs requires new protocols. For the purposes of this article, the term EV refers to both battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and Hybrids as…
Diane freeman AARO president portrait

Planning for the Future by Diane Freeman

Looking beyond what’s happening today. This time around, I thought it would be good to talk about the importance of our industry and how we can…

Interview with Mark Lemay

Autosphere chats with Mark Lemay of Auto Aide Technical Services about Technician training, diagnostics and access to information amid COVID-19 and growing vehicle complexity. These are…
Diane freeman AARO president portrait

Adapting to a New Normal by Diane Freeman

Guidance and support are critical during times of crisis.        When times are tough and uncertain, as they have been since March, we often…

A Day in Court by Dave Redinger

If it’s too good to be true… you might end up in litigation. A couple of months ago, I was called to court as an expert…

Preparing for Winter by Brad York

There is no question that 2020 has proved to be one of the most challenging and disruptive years of recent times. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced…

Knowing How to Adjust by Denis Pageau

Following these events, do you aspire to be a good workshop or an excellent workshop? Over the past few months, I have noticed that a few…

Current Thinking

As EVs start to reach workshops in larger numbers, how will their braking impact demand for pads, calipers and rotors? As sales of both battery electric…

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Mechanical news

As automotive technologies advance and vehicles become more complex, CarCare Business is here to keep our readers stay on top of emerging trends and innovations. Our team of automotive and business experts, exclusive columnists and regular contributors is unique in the industry, and each issue is packed with their insight and advice. Whether conducting a vehicle inspection, dealing with a dead car battery, or running a car diagnostic to determine why the check engine light might be on or why a car won’t start, we know that our readers are on the frontlines of car repair and maintenanceMechanical inspections are the bread and butter of every automotive mechanic technician. When a car won’t start, troubleshooting is at the core of your aftermarket services, and running a mechanical check to determine if it’s a car battery charger issue, or a voltage drop test to see if it’s a serious issue that needs attention, or if the customer simply needs a battery booster to solve the problem, that’s what you do, and do well. We also realize that our readers are dealing with challenges, like the right to repair issue. When it comes to the right to repair, Canada is part of a more global picture, and we know that the right legislation would go a long way to giving professionals the right to repair cars as part of their aftermarket services, instead of forcing consumers to see their dealer.

Electric car mechanic

As our industry continues to evolve, and as we see the world move towards electric vehicles, we know your jobs will change dramatically. Instead of checking the engine coolant, or replacing the odd spark plug, or dealing with a “transmission not shifting” complaint, you’ll be checking the electric car battery. As our industry moves toward electrification, independent repair shops, like yours, will be focusing on EV batteries and how to deal with lithium ion batteries that won’t charge. Questions like, “How long does a car battery last without driving?” will take on a whole new meaning. Perhaps you own a service centre, complete with a gas station. That too will change. Electric car charging will become more important with time, and you may find yourself replacing gas pumps with an electric car charging station. Of course, some things will stay the same. Your customers will still need heating system repair, they’ll still ask you about the best brake pad brand you offer, and they’ll still be concerned about brake pad life. They’ll still complain that their car won’t start cold, except in the case of an EV, the “car won’t start, no noise” will be the issue.

Automotive intelligence

Artificial intelligence in the automotive industry is also sure to change the way you do business. Moreover, the advent of technologies like the smart battery charger for electric cars are sure to impact an EV’s car battery life, as well as the way we think about the benefits and drawbacks of electric vehicles. As the world becomes more sophisticated and as technology takes over, we hope there will still be a place for our readers to enjoy a “mechanic appreciation day”.