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EVs Have a Weight Problem

This extra mass impacts infrastructure, cost of living and even emissions. Due to the weight of their batteries, EVs weigh significantly more than similar-sized ICE vehicles.…

EVs Need Fossil Fuels

Mining, smelting and refining are essential for these so-called “green” vehicles.  Shocked by the title? Yes, the shocking truth is EVs do need fossil fuels and…

EVs: Can Our Economy Afford Them?

Detrimental impacts from EVs will be felt far and wide. Our federal government has issued a mandate for 2035 and they are spending billions of dollars…

EVs: Can We Afford Them?

In reality they are more expensive than we might realise. An internet search yields commentaries about the high price of EVs compared to ICE vehicles. A…

Winter Limits

The Cold Facts about EVs and Cold Weather. After a little time away, I am back, and this is the first article in the series for…

Suited for EVs

Electric vehicles have a place… just not on every driveway. Selecting the right tool for the job is key to obtaining the best result. In some…

Refueling Challenges for EVs

Recharging the vehicle’s battery pack is not as straightforward as you might think We refuel an ICE vehicle by filling the gas tank. As an EV’s…

Zero Emission vs Zero Impact

An EV, specifically a Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV), not a hybrid, has no exhaust. A 100% electric powerplant produces no emissions. Voila, a zero emission vehicle,…

EV Battery Disruptions on the Horizon

Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries require a complex mix of raw materials. This impacts cost and the Li-ion battery is the most expensive single component of an EV.…

Battery Evolution

Protracted development has been a hallmark of EV power sources since day one. A propulsion system is only as reliable as its fuel source. As outlined in the…


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