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Available in 20, 21, and 22-inch diameters, the proprietary carbon-fiber rim design delivers the ultimate in performance, strength, style and exclusivity. Photo HRE Weels

HRE’s new CRBN program uses the latest materials and manufacturing technologies to surpass what was previously possible in carbon fibre wheels.

Combined with HRE’s 40+ years of creating high-performance wheels, CRBN sets the new standard for wheel performance and quality. Initially, the CRBN line will consist of carbon fibre rims paired with all-new forged aluminum centers. The new Series HX1 will consist of 4 styles, the HX100 Mesh, HX101 Y-Spoke, HX104 V-Spoke, and HX107 Split 5-Spoke and will be offered in 20, 21, and 22-inch diameters, with expanded fitments to come.

Exotic materials

Designed for supercars and hyper-exotics, the new HRE CRBN rim features a toughened-resin system for achieving high impact resistance and is created using precision closed-mould Vacuum-Assisted Resin-Transfer Molding (VARTM), giving the CRBN rim exceptional fibre volumes for class-leading strength-to-weight ratios. These new two-piece wheels will feature the CRBN rim joined to the forged centers with high-strength titanium fasteners. Customers will have the option to choose a “Frozen” Satin or Gloss clear coat on the CRBN rim itself and any of HRE’s custom finishes for the forged center.

“With carbon fibre wheels becoming more readily available through several OEMs, we knew the materials and technologies were finally ready for us to achieve our goals with carbon fibre,” said Alan Peltier, CEO of HRE Wheels. “The exciting thing for us is that the CRBN™ rim is just the start of HRE’s use of exotic materials and advanced manufacturing methods. Our goal is to keep pushing the envelope so that we continue to surpass the demanding expectations of our customers who own the world’s most sophisticated supercars and hypercars.”

Attention to detail

Compared to aluminum, carbon fibre requires meeting a very different set of engineering constraints, but just like all HRE wheels, CRBN is engineered to minimize unsprung mass and rotational inertia while maximizing strength and impact resistance. Such efforts translate to optimal acceleration, handling, and braking performance. In addition, extra care was taken in the design and construction of HRE’s CRBN rim, to eliminate the unsightly seam visible in other carbon-fibre rims. HRE’s CRBN rim has an outside layer that is seamless, offering the perfect example of the type of attention to detail typically found in an HRE wheel.

Since each wheel is built-to-order, there are nearly infinite fitment, colour, and finish options available for a unique wheel buying experience. CRBN is available in center-lock designs and is OE TPMS and lug hardware compatible for ease of installation. The CRBN rim also features an RFID chip embedded inside the barrel for quality assurance traceability and improved customer support.

For more information on CRBN or any other products in HRE’s extensive line of forged wheels, visit hrewheels.com.



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