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alloygator global tire expo 2021
Jon Gyles of AlloyGator shows how his product can customize and protect rims. PHOTO Michel Beaunoyer

Supplier AlloyGator was at the Global Tire Expo at SEMA to explain the benefits of its product.

With the ever-increasing value of rims, AlloyGator offers a protective strip that docks between the tire and rim to protect it from impact.

“Often when parking, the wheel will rub against the concrete curb,” says Jon Gyles, a representative for the company.

“Our product is designed to absorb the impact and protect the rim.”

AlloyGator strips are available in sizes to cover rims ranging from 12 to 24 inches. It is available in 14 accent colours and three dark colours to blend in more discreetly with the tire.

“This choice of colours is very popular with consumers who can further personalize their vehicle by picking up a tint that will add an extra aesthetic touch. In this way, AlloyGator combines protection and aesthetics,” concludes Gyles.

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december, 2021

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