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Patrick Allcock, VP of Products (L) and David Pulla, VP of Sales & Marketing at Dynamic Tire work together to provide great products and top-notch customer service. Photo Jack Kazmierski

 Triangle Tire offers a complete range of tires for all applications. 

 Long known for their commitment to customer service, Dynamic Tire is proud to put their name and reputation behind the Triangle Tire brand. As Canada’s exclusive Triangle Tire distributor, Dynamic Tire offers tire retailers all the tools, the marketing support, and the industry expertise they need in order to successfully sell and service the complete Triangle Tire line of products. 

“We are confident in our ability to provide our dealer network with the ultimate support package,” explains David Pulla, VP of Sales & Marketing for Dynamic Tire, “and we aim to deliver the best customer experience in the tire industry.” 

Exceeding expectations 

Founded in 1976, Triangle Tire has evolved into a leading global tire brand. Currently, they employ more than 6,500 individuals worldwide, and they operate four fully-automated state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, along with two R&D facilities, one of which is located in the U.S.A. 

The Triangle Tire team engineers and manufactures a world-class line of tires for a variety of applications, including utility trailers, passenger vehicles, medium and heavy truck, and off-the-road. Their goal is to provide all industries across the globe with high quality tires at reasonable prices. 

“Triangle Tire has built its success through an unparalleled commitment to quality and innovation,” says Patrick Allcock, Vice President of Products, Dynamic Tire. “Their world-class team of engineers works in collaboration with our product team to create professional-grade and industry-specific tires that are cost-effective for all applications. From concept to reality, each Triangle Tire comes to market with the goal of exceeding expectations.” 

Fully-automated factories 

One of the key manufacturing strategies that sets Triangle Tire apart from much of the competition is their use of fully-automated factories. Not only does this reduce the risk of human error, but it also streamlines the entire production process. 

Moreover, every one of their tires undergoes a rigorous inspection process to assure quality and safety. This commitment to excellence, as well as the use of automated testing, enhances efficiency, accuracy, and consistency in the manufacturing process, which ultimately leads to higher quality products and increased customer satisfaction. 

By leveraging automation for testing and quality assurance, Triangle Tire can deliver reliable, top-notch tires to customers, reinforcing their reputation as a trusted and quality-focused brand. 

Not only are their facilities automated, but they’re also operated with a view to sustainability. In fact, Triangle Tire is committed to the principle of “low carbon, green, environmental production and efficiency,” and they continuously strive to bring to market tire products that reflect their commitment to sustainability. 

The Triangle EffeXSport TH202is an affordable ultra-high performance tire. Photo Triangle The Triangle TRD97 is suitable for both regional and line-haul applications. Photo Triangle The Triangle TB516 is a versatile radial for loaders, bulldozers and other equipment. Photo Triangle

Complete product offering

During their almost five decades in the tire industry, Triangle Tire has expanded their product lineup to the point where today they can offer segment-specific tires for a broad range of applications. They have a comprehensive range of sizes and patterns across a variety of tire segments, including STRs, Passenger/SUV, Light Truck, Medium Truck, and OTR.

Working in harmony with Dynamic Tire, Triangle Tire is able to engineer, design and manufacture products that cater to the needs of the Canadian market. These include 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake-certified products across a range of segments and tread patterns, a number of Smartway-verified TBR products, and an extensive OTR product assortment for a wide array of industries including mining, aggregate and construction, along with winter applications.

The Dynamic Tire team (L-R): Joe Postiglione, Scott Ginson, Pat Allcock, Dave Hatch, David Pulla, Mike Matesic, Greg Pickering. Photo Jack Kazmierski

Canadian support team 

Dynamic Tire has put in place a Canadian support team, which includes seasoned local sales professionals and experienced product segment managers. All have extensive industry experience, and all are keenly aware of the challenges tire retailers face today. 

‘We recently added a National Product Specialist to our team,” explains Pulla. “His name is Scott Ginson, and he’s dedicated to providing our partners with in-field support for the Triangle Tire brand.” 

Ginson is a dedicated product expert who knows the ins and outs of the entire Triangle Tire product line. “Scott has extensive experience in truck and OTR tires, as well as PLT, and he’s well-versed in product testing,” Pulla explains. “So when it comes to commercial truck fleet customers, for example, Scott can break down their cost per kilometre, and help them see the value of the Triangle Tire brand.” 

Product protection plan 

In conjunction with Dynamic Tire, Triangle Tire stands behind all their products with a solid warranty program. “We want our partners and consumers to have 110% confidence in the Triangle brand,” Pulla adds. “We stand behind our products and the Triangle Protection Plan echoes just that.” 

This warranty covers all product segments, including passenger and light truck (PLT), commercial truck, and off-the-road (OTR) tires, and it provides customers with peace-of-mind and confidence in their purchases. 

“This commitment to warranty all their products supports Triangle Tire’s dedication to quality and customer satisfaction,” Pulla says. “It also ensures that our customers can rely on their tires for long-lasting performance and reliability across diverse applications, regardless of the vehicle type.” 

Dynamic Tire stands behind each product by offering a 30-day trial, a road hazard program, and a treadwear warranty on all PLT products. Commercial truck tires come with a 30-day trial, plus a road hazard protection plan and a seven-year casing warranty with three retread guarantees. Finally, on the OTR side of the business, Dynamic Tire offers a manufacturer defect warranty. 

Marketing support 

In addition to offering quality tires that cater to the needs of the Canadian market, and doing so at a reasonable price and with a solid warranty, Dynamic Tire supports their partners with a comprehensive marketing plan that builds brand awareness for the entire lineup of Triangle Tire products. 

“Our team of marketing experts understands the unique needs of the tire industry and collaborates closely with our partners to develop customized campaigns that resonate with their target audience,” explains Jen Duong, Marketing Specialist, Dynamic Tire. 

Dynamic Tire’s marketing team is spearheading the effort to advertise and promote the Triangle Tire brand, which in turn helps tire retailers as they market to the end user. 

“Our commitment to supporting dealers across various business sectors and industries is evident in our comprehensive approach,” Duong adds. “We’re embracing digital and print media, we’re providing point-of-purchase material that helps get the Triangle Tire story out to end users, and we’re optimizing our online resources and graphics in order to help tire retailers with their promotional efforts.” 

In short, Dynamic Tire continues to establish Triangle Tire as a trusted and proven brand within the Canadian market. 

Quality, price & support 

Far from simply importing and distributing tires, Dynamic Tire stands shoulder-to-shoulder with Triangle Tire, offering Canadians a quality product at a reasonable price. Everything they sell is backed by solid warranties, and supported by the technical expertise of a team of seasoned tire professionals that stand ready to support retailers and the end user. 

“We’re proud of what we can offer our customers,” Pulla concludes. “At Dynamic Tire, our team of sales, marketing, product and supply chain experts is second-to-none, and with our local warehousing capabilities we’re able to stock tires for immediate delivery. And for those dealers who prefer it, we also offer factory-direct orders.” 

As for the Triangle Tire brand, Pulla calls it “a true one-stop shopping experience.” In other words, whether a tire retailer needs an extensive offering of PLT tires, or whether their core business is all about TBR or OTR tires, Triangle Tire has it all. For more information about the Triangle Tire brand, please visit triangletire.ca. 



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