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On Friday, June 19, Sailun Tire organized a special Family Drive-In Movie Night.

Taking place at 5 Drive-In, 2332 Ninth Line in Oakville, Ont., the event served as a special thank you to essential workers and valued customers that have helped society, the economy and our industry navigate through the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mark Pereira, Senior Marketing Manager, North America, Sailun Tires Americas, says the idea came about after thinking about ways in which people could gather safely and socially to have fun and recognize the contributions made by front-line workers such as first responders, firefighters, paramedics, health care professionals and care home staff during COVID-19.

Focusing on what matters

Kevin Lake, Vice President, Marketing, Sailun Tire, added that considering the impact of the COVID-19 crisis globally, it has given many of us a chance to look through the lens from both our personal and business perspective; to really focus and appreciate the things that matter and step up to the plate.

He notes that in the case of Sailun Tire’s customers, many of them had to navigate through some major challenges during COVID-19, such as changes in inventory requirements, sales and product demand, yet their determination and resilience is something to be admired. “It’s definitely something that has really resonated with us,” he says.

The Family Drive-in Movie night then is just one way that Sailun Tire is able to give back, both to its customers and also those essential workers and emergency responders that kept Canada moving forward during the lock-down period.

“We’ve had some amazing people we know of on the frontlines and we just wanted to show our appreciation for what they have done and continue to do.”

In terms of choosing the venue, Mark Pereira says, 5 Drive-In, in Oakville was a logical choice, given its location is close to the Greater Toronto Area where a very significant number of Sailun Tire’s customers are located.

An ideal venue

5 Drive-In was one of the first theatres of its kind to open (starting June 6) and has diligently taken steps to ensure COVID-19 social distancing and hygiene protocols were in place, allowing the venue to deliver a safe, family-friendly experience.

Additionally, the Drive-In event also provided a great opportunity to tie in the automotive industry with the car culture experience that is still extremely prevalent in North America.

Perhaps not surprisingly, word of the Family Drive-in Movie Night quickly spread, with Sailun Tire’s events team reporting a dramatic increase in registrations—meaning it didn’t take long before virtually all 160 parking spots were accounted for.

During the event, the intermission period featured special presentations that highlighted the contributions of front-line and emergency workers, while special gift baskets, including Sailun Tire, branded popcorn were provided to attendees as they drove into the venue.

Further sweeting the pot was an on-site raffle draw where attendees were also given the opportunity to win a brand-new set of Sailun Tires.

Non-perishable food donations were also accepted, providing another avenue for giving back, with the supplies delivered to local food banks.

In summarizing this highly successful event, Kevin Lake says, “one thing that the COVID-19 pandemic has really taught us, is those values that matter.

Although many of us are in business to grow and achieve profitability, we cannot do it without loyal and committed customers and people on the frontlines that support us. Showing our appreciation and bringing everybody together through events like this is simply the right thing to do.”


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