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All the banners of Groupe Del Vasto were gathered for this Annual Convention.
Trainers Stéphane Ste-Croix and Wilson Almeida from Vast-Auto Academy were in great demand during this Convention.
Several information workshops were scheduled.
It was a great opportunity to highlight the commitment of the members of the advisory committees, including that of M Mechanic 360.
The AGNA Brakes team was waiting for the visitors during the trade show.
Bosch was represented by Samuel Cloutier and Diego DeSimone.
Frédéric Bachand presented the new Magnacharge batteries.
NGK, represented by Walter Rulli, has awarded two trips to Antigura for the 2024 shop trip.
The entire Mevotech team was available to answer questions from shop managers.
The TotalEnergies team had prepared an inviting booth.
The Permatex company, including Patrick Lesage and Patrick Grenier, had innovative products to present including Rain-X wiper blades.
Gilles Cloutier and Sev Koulian of KOOL informed participants of the wide range of products they offer.
Castrol Lubricants was represented by Kevin Celtorius and Annie Walker.
Dorman team members were able to present to the visitors their replacement parts.
Dorman team members were able to explain to the delegates their offer of replacement parts.
Armatures DNS, considered one of the top three suppliers by Groupe Del Vasto, was represented by Jacques Lajoie and Roberto Bagorda.
Éric Beaulé and Jonathan Paré of Stox, discussed the issue of tire supply with visitors.
Duo Jean Fiset and Gilles Lecompte presented the various products offered at DR1V.
April Lubricants could count on the presence of Gary Petit and Benoit Labossière.
Guillaume Dupras, here with Patricia Lazzarotto and Luc Bois, explained the advantages of the new Trico wiper blades.
Guillaume Simon and Maxime Gagnon explained the features of the AB Magic platform.
Representatives from Epicor explained how their platform works.
Visitors could also meet the GEM-CAR team on site.
Kevin Brassard and Mario Comtois from PME GURU presented the new Shop-Intel performance analysis tool.
Training was the focus of discussions with the EV Skills trainers.
Former football player and speaker Étienne Boulay captivated the audience with his warm approach to resilience.
Some 500 people attended Groupe Del Vasto 's Annual Convention.
Simon-Pierre Rioux, President of AVEQ, explained in detail the impact of the arrival of electric vehicles.
CPCPA's Philippe Bussières spoke about the benefits of the EV Skills program.
Trainer Wilson Almeida provided details on the mandatory training for the new Verified Electrical program unveiled at the conference.
The new Verified Electric recognition program will allow independent mechanical repair shop owners participating in Del Vasto Group's banner programs to promote themselves as specialists in the maintenance and repair of electric and hybrid vehicles.
Throughout the Convention, Groupe Del Vasto organization took time to thank the shops that have been loyal for years.
The unveiling of the Verified Electric recognition program was one of the highlights of the Convention.
Karine Dionne of Auto-Prevention explained the new regulation on noise in shops, and the importance of adequately protecting workers.
The members of the Auto Mecano advisory committee could finally meet in person.
Martin Perreault hosted the closing Gala of the Convention in a dynamic way.
Mauro Cifelli, President and CEO of Groupe Del Vasto, personally greeted the guests at the Gala.
Steve Bujold, Eastern Canada Sales Manager for Groupe Del Vasto, was happy to meet guests after a three-year hiatus.
The Gala evening was punctuated with moments of recognition and awards.
Mauro Cifelli, President of Groupe Del Vasto, warmly thanked the participants of the Convention who came in record numbers.
AUTO VALUE PARTS STORES of the year for Québec: Peinture & pièces d'auto DR
M MECHANIC 360 of the year: M Mécanique 360 St-Vincent-de Paul
OCTO AUTO SERVICE PLUS of the year: Duplessis Mécanique
AUTO MÉCANO of the year: Multi-Service Automobile CBRC
Manufacturer Representative of the year for Quebec: Patrice Lanthier, Gates
Supplier of the year: Mevotech
Photo Michel Beaunoyer et Groupe Del Vasto

From February 24 to 26, the Del Vasto Group held its annual convention at the Manoir Richelieu in La Malbaie, bringing together 500 people, including members of its various store and shop banners, as well as a selection of suppliers of specialized goods and services, under the theme Stay Connected!

The representatives of the Auto Value Parts Stores, Auto Value Certified Service Centers, Auto Mécano, M 360 Mechanic, Mister Transmission, OCTO Auto Service Plus banners met in person after three years.

The interesting agenda of conferences and presentations, covering two full days, allowed owners and managers of parts stores and service shops to obtain the latest information on the various programs deployed by the Group. Marketing efforts to promote shops to consumers were detailed, as were updates to the management platforms.

A performance measurement tool

The Convention also announced a new partnership with PME GURU in order to set up a digital platform presenting the daily performance results of each shop, allowing them to compare themselves to their objectives, their previous sales and the results of similar businesses. The Shop-Intel tool, exclusive to network members, measures sales, parts to labor ratio, average bill, performance per technician and the comparison between hours billed and hours worked.

Steve Bujold, Eastern Canada Sales Manager for the Del Vasto Group, explained that the entire organization is working together to keep the shop and store network connected to change.

“The automotive aftermarket faces major challenges,” says Bujold. “We are putting a lot of emphasis on our recognition programs to position ourselves with consumers. Our sector must evolve, as Mr. Muffler did when he successfully transitioned to M Mechanic 360, and constantly redefine itself. This is a matter of sustainability for automotive aftermarket shops.”

The “Vérifié électrique” recognition program

An eloquent illustration of the Groupe Del Vasto’s desire to accompany shops in facing the challenges of the future is the launch, during the Convention, of the “Vérifié électrique” (Electric Verified) recognition program. In addition to the Vast-Auto Distribution Academy training program, this specific component, which requires, among other things, the installation of a charging station, will allow shops wishing to do so to obtain the training and equipment necessary to obtain this value-added banner.

“It will take a generation for Quebec to go electric,” says Bujold, “but we have to prepare for it now. Getting these skills is also adding value to our brand image in the eyes of electric motorists.”

A popular trade show

The trade show organized during the Convention included 85 parts and service suppliers. For shop managers, it was an opportunity to reconnect with their partners, but also to gather information on new developments that they may have missed in recent years.

To conclude this Convention, a Gala evening was organized for the guests. In a refined decor and in front of a gastronomic table, the guests had the opportunity to exchange while attending the presentation of the trophies of recognition to the shops and stores having demonstrated their fidelity over many years, in addition to the Representative and Supplier of the year.

Here are the stores, shops and suppliers who distinguished themselves during the gala evening by their commitment.

  • AUTO VALUE PARTS STORES of the year for Quebec: Peinture & pièces d’auto DR
  • M MECHANIC 360 of the year: M Mécanique 360 St-Vincent-de Paul
  • OCTO AUTO SERVICE PLUS of the year: Duplessis Mécanique
  • AUTO MÉCANO of the year: Multi-Service Automobile CBRC
  • Manufacturer’s representative of the year for Quebec: Patrice Lanthier, Gates
  • Supplier of the year: Mevotech

Here are pictures of the highlights of this great event.


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