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Michael Proud in front of the pre-assembled strut for commercial vans. PHOTO Michel Beaunoyer

DRiV, which markets a full line of replacement parts under the FelPro and Monroe brands, has several new products in its catalog.

Michael Proud, vice president of marketing for DRiV, says his company is dedicated to making work easier for technicians by developing high-quality parts for aftermarket shops.

One of the examples Proud presented was the oil pan gasket for 5.3 and 6.2-liter V8 engines in 2014 through 2019 GM vehicles.

In the factory, this silicone sealant is applied in liquid form by a robot.

To ensure a perfect seal during replacement, the PermaDryPlus is presented in pre-molded form and only needs to be installed by the technician.

“Several other applications of this solution are in development right now,” says Proud.

Also to make technicians’ jobs easier and faster, the Monroe banner introduced a new pre-assembled strut for Ford Transit vehicles earlier this year.

Not only is the part, the Magnum Strut Assembly, simpler to install, but Monroe made sure to make it stronger to withstand the frequent stops, heavy loads, and high mileage that these delivery vehicles endure.

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