AAPEX 2021: GSP Presents Simple and Robust Solutions

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Jason Riley, with the gimbal designed to handle the Canadian climate. PHOTO Michel Beaunoyer

The GSP booth at the AAPEX show in Las Vegas featured two new part families of interest to our market.

The first is the pre-assembled wheel hub which greatly simplifies installation.

The fact that the assembly is done at the factory, the workshop will not have to use a press or special tools to do it.

Let us mention that all the components of this assembly are new.

This product category covers 28 million vehicles on the road and the introduction of new parts will continue.

Jason Riley, senior sales manager for GSP Automotive Group, also points to the introduction of a product specifically designed to meet the harsh climate of the Canadian market.

“The XD Extreme replacement gimbals are for pickup trucks that are hard on the eyes, Riley says. We changed the gimbal cover by replacing it with a thermoplastic (TPE) and inner rubber that are designed to withstand temperatures of minus 50 degrees Celcius. The grease inside the joint was selected for its high quality and ability to withstand extreme cold while maintaining its viscosity. The entire body of the shaft is of a tested robustness. This product family, originally designed for off-road applications, is our best seller in the Canadian market.”

The designer reminds technicians that the replacement of the axles must be done on both sides of the vehicle at the same time and that it is recommended, when installing the new parts, to check if the ABS sensors have not been damaged.

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