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Erin O'Malley and Greg Bibbo of Osram discussed the importance of quality lighting for motorist safety. PHOTO Michel Beaunoyer

The Osram company, which markets Sylvania lighting products, invites garage owners to look after their customers by recommending quality lighting.

With the many replacement parts developed under the Sylvania brand, the LED lamp offering has never been more capable of improving motorists’ visibility than today.

“Eighty percent of motorists will wait for their halogen lamps to burn out before replacing them,” says Greg Bibbo, director of sales and marketing for the United States and Canada at Osram.

“Halogen lamps are gradually losing their effectiveness and motorists don’t realize it. Suggesting they replace with LED lamps is going to make a big difference, a difference they’ll notice immediately.”

As this expert points out, light bulbs should be part of the routine inspection, as they are wear parts, like brakes and lubricants.

“The advantage of LED lamps, besides the exceptional quality of light they offer, is that they work or not, there is no degradation period. What’s more, we’re talking about replacement parts that will often last the life of the vehicle. With this solution, high-quality lighting is no longer reserved for high-end cars.”

According to Bibbo, for most vehicles it takes a technician half an hour to make a replacement if he uses quality parts, designed for a perfect fit like the lamps developed and offered by Sylvania.

Obviously, the replacement will take longer or faster depending on the make, model and year of construction of the vehicle.


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