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Mike Burchi and Mark Boyle of NGK in front of their booth at the AAPEX show in Las Vegas. PHOTO Michel Beaunoyer

Changing spark plugs at the recommended time makes a big difference in the performance of modern engines.

At their AAPEX show booth, spark plug supplier NGK highlighted its Ruthenium HX replacement spark plug, configured for both direct injection and turbocharged engines.

Mike Burchi, Product Specialist, explained that the introduction of 25 new part numbers provides coverage for more than 90 percent of vehicles currently on North American roads.

“The careful design of the tip, among other things, allows for a 10 to 25 percent extension of spark plug life,” Burchi explained.

“This also has an impact on engine performance and fuel economy.”

As he explains, modern engines are smaller and have much higher internal temperatures, which puts a strain on the spark plug.

“You have to carefully follow the manufacturers’ recommendations to ensure a timely replacement.”

On NGK’s website, ngksparkplugs.com, it’s possible to browse an interactive catalogue to find the right replacement part, by model and year of manufacture, but also the recommended replacement frequency.

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