AAPEX 2021: Dorman Does better

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Derek Suen, director of new product development at Dorman, with one of the new pieces his company has launched. PHOTO Michel Beaunoyer

Replacement parts supplier Dorman used the AAPEX show to introduce several new products.

Derek Suen, winner of the AIA Young Leader Award in 2020, explained how his company brings to market parts that are developed to surpass the efficiency or durability of original equipment parts.

A first example is the Dorman OE Fix series oil filter adapter, which advantageously replaces the original part found on Dodge, Jeep, Ram and Chrysler V6 engines.

The original part is made of plastic and tends to deform under the heat accumulated under the hood.

It can even crack simply by closing the plug after an oil change. This can cause lubricant leakage.

The proposed piece is made of resistant aluminum and comes with all the necessary accessories for a quick and easy installation.

In a similar vein, Dorman has just introduced a kit for the 1997 to 2006 model Jeeps TJ and Wrangler that addresses a problem with loose steering.

Owners of these types of vehicles like to think outside the box, which puts the original steering parts to the test.

Dorman’s solution is a complete set of more robust parts to permanently correct the situation in a single operation.

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