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Aubry Baugh, Director of Product Marketing at Lumileds, in front of some of the products featured at the AAPEX show. PHOTO Michel Beaunoyer

Taking advantage of its presence at the AAPEX show in Las Vegas, Lumileds, which markets Philips lamps, has introduced several new products to its catalog.

The big trend is the replacement of high beam lamps with LED lamps.

Even if the car was originally delivered with halogen headlights, it is possible to replace them with their LED equivalent.

That’s according to Aubry Baugh, director of product marketing at Lumileds, who was at the Lumileds booth during the event.

“There are several categories of replacement parts,” she explains, “and the popularity of LED lamps is driving us to expand our catalog, especially for the Canadian market, in our Ultimate LED line, introduced last year.”

According to her, these lamps are much more affordable than in the past and offer a lifespan that often equals that of the car.

Lumileds makes sure to rigorously test these parts for optimal positioning in the housing, in order to avoid dazzling other motorists due to a lamp shining outside the original area.

It is primarily for safety reasons that Baugh advocates replacing halogen lamps with their LED counterparts.

The lighting quality of an LED lamp will be noticed by the motorist as soon as he takes the road the first time at night.

New light bars

Baugh also announced the introduction early next year of a new series of light bars in off-road applications.

The 5000 series of Ultinon Drive bars will include three single-row and two double-row versions of LED lamps.

They come in 10″, 20″ and 30″ versions and give off a wide or centred light for the safest off-road driving.


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