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ISN Canada Group is accelerating its transformation to confirm its position as a one-stop-shop leader for all automotive tools and equipment needs in Canada. PHOTO ISN Canada

Recent efforts by ISN Canada Group to reposition the distributor are giving the company new depth.

All businesses are called on to evolve and adapt. But rarely do we see such in-depth transformation in such a short span of time, as that currently made by ISN Canada Group.

Since taking the company’s helm, Miguel Angers has spared no effort to reposition the tool, equipment and lubrication solutions distributor, who caters to mechanics workshops and tire centres.

“First of all, a shout out to the team, who helped carry my vision in the midst of the pandemic,” says Angers.

“Their daily dedication was fundamental in making necessary changes in the organization in order to deepen our relationship with our clients. We have made profound changes in our organizational culture and IT systems, implemented cutting-edge digital technologies, as well as reviewed our business processes at a speed that I did not believe possible. We have an amazing team and I’m really proud of them!”

Cutting-edge customer-based technologies

Our teams are undergoing transformations as new talent is being hired, mainly insales, customer service and product marketing with a view to continually improving the customer experience.

ISN Canada Group has also endeavoured to improve customer response times and foster a more collaborative relationship with clients by adopting a different approach and implementing new information exchange technologies.

“Innovation is big part of our corporate culture,” Angers adds.

“Of course, we’re constantly on the lookout for the latest equipment and tools that will make a difference for our customers. But our commitment to innovation also involves updating our own technological tools.”

A good example of this is their online catalogue ToolWEB.ca, launched on June 14, 2021.

ISN Canada Group streamlined what was already one of the most exhaustive tool catalogues online to make
consultation even easier and faster.

The site also makes use of the latest cutting-edge e-commerce features.

“It’s the undisputed industry benchmark in North America.” explains Angers.

“In the same vein, ISN Canada Group has announced an exclusive agreement with management systems supplier Carrus that will allow clients to consult pricing and availability of ISN products and make orders online through the Carrus system.

Incidentally, we are thereby adding some 100,000 new products manufactured by over 300 suppliers to the Carrus catalogue.”

“ISN is also planning to implement a new purchase option that will allow Canadian customers to order products unavailable in Canada directly from American warehouses and receive them within three to five days.

“This amounts to over 55,000 new products in our offer with short delivery times. This option could also be offered to our customers to shorten delivery times, in certain cases,” noted Angers.

Geographic expansion

Maintaining a well-structured development strategy, ISN Canada Group is currently introducing its new tool program in Ontario, in addition to the Rotary, Forward, DirectLift and Atlas equipment programs that are already in place there.

A gradual roll-out will take place by the end of the year to ensure the highest possible level of customer satisfaction.

The same approach is being put forward in Alberta, notably in Calgary, where it has moved its operations to a new warehouse that is three times bigger, which will allow access to its entire tool and equipment catalogue by the end of the year.

“Our vision is to become THE partner of choice for automotive tool, equipment and lubrication solutions in Canada. We want to offer more than just an online catalogue with prices, but to be a one-stop-shop backed by cutting edge tech and a simple, effective supply chain to better serve our clients,” states Angers.

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