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Trophies were awarded to several shops and corporate stores in order to mark a milestone in the network. Photo: Uni-Select

As tradition dictates, Uni-Select recognizes the loyalty of its network members during its annual event.

During AUTOXPO, the organization made a point of highlighting the anniversaries of the network’s shops and stores across Canada. Here are the shops and parts stores that reached a historic milestone this year.

Shops – 35 years
  • C. E. Forand Limitée, Auto-Select
  • Garage Bertrand Richer Inc., Uni-Pro
  • Garage Yves David, Uni-Pro
Shops – 30 years
  • Garage Boisvenue Enr., Uni-Pro
  • Garage G.T. Inc, Uni-Pro
  • Garage Gérald Lapierre Inc., Uni-Pro
  • Station Service Denis Pelletier Inc., Uni-Pro
Shops – 25 years
  • Auto Électrique Ménard Inc., Uni-Pro
  • Burkmar Automotive, Uni-Pro
  • CedarHill Automotive, Uni-Pro
  • Dickson Fraser Auto Repairs Ltd., Uni-Pro
  • Four K Auto Service Ltd., Uni-Pro
  • Garage Charlevoix Inc., Uni-Pro
  • Garage Fafard Inc., Auto-Select
  • Garage G. Allison Inc., Uni-Pro
  • Garage Jean Guy, Uni-Pro
  • Garage M. Bélanger Inc., Uni-Pro
  • Garage Pelland Inc., Uni-Pro
  • Garage Raymond Bélanger Enr., Uni-Pro
  • Garage Ste-Marie Inc., Uni-Pro
  • Garage Stéphane Beaudoin Inc., Uni-Pro
  • Garage Yvon Bolduc Inc., Uni-Pro
  • Glanford Auto Service, Uni-Pro
  • Penner’s Agro Auto Service Ltd., Uni-Pro
  • Pneus et Mécanique Lanaudière, Uni-Pro
  • Royal Oak Automotive Ltd., Uni-Pro
  • South Cove Auto Repair, Uni-Pro
  • Station Service Auguste Guertin Et Fils Inc., Uni-Pro
  • Station Service Jacques Blais, Uni-Pro
  • Superior Auto Service & Glass, Uni-Pro
  • Uni-Pro St-Isidore, Uni-Pro
Shops – 20 years
  • Aspen Service Center Ltd., Uni-Pro
  • Atelier de Mécanique des Capucins, Uni-Pro
  • Atelier Mécanique Éric Bouchard, Uni-Pro
  • Avalon Auto Fortsey Enterprises Ltd., Uni-Pro
  • Centre de l’Auto Neufchâtel, Uni-Pro
  • Centre de l’Auto Ste-Marie, Uni-Pro
  • Centre de Mécanique L & F Inc., Uni-Pro
  • Centre de Service Brunette Inc., Uni-Pro
  • Garage Claude St-Onge, Uni-Pro
  • Garage G. Martel, Uni-Pro
  • Garage Georges Valois, Uni-Pro
  • Garage Marcel Bilodeau et Fils Inc., Uni-Pro
  • Garage Martin Bolduc Inc., Uni-Pro
  • Garage S.D. Inc., Uni-Pro
  • Glenwood Auto Service, Uni-Pro
  • Hatt’s Car Care Specialist, Uni-Pro
  • Les spécialistes du frein Villeneuve et fils Inc., Uni-Pro
  • Luc Larochelle Auto, Uni-Pro
  • Mécanique Expert, Uni-Pro
  • MSB Mécanique, Uni-Pro
  • Transmission P.G. Rondeau Inc., Uni-Pro
  • Ultimate Performance Ltd., Uni-Pro
Shops – 15 years
  • 2nd Avenue Tire & Auto, Uni-Pro
  • Brucedale Garage Ltd., Uni-Pro
  • Carburants Mercier, Uni-Pro
  • Centre de l’auto René Letarte Inc., Uni-Pro
  • Garage Luc Bezeau, Uni-Pro
  • Garage Luc Leblanc, Uni-Pro
  • Garage Martin Macameau, Uni-Pro
  • Garage Roberge Gaudreault, Uni-Pro
  • H&M Auto Repairs, Uni-Pro
  • Huppé Centre Mécanique, Uni-Pro
  • Midsun Automotive Repair, Uni-Pro
  • Service Automobile D.R., Uni-Pro
  • Sirois Mécanique Inc., Uni-Pro
  • Southeast Auto Service, Uni-Pro
  • Station Christian Bernard, Uni-Pro
  • Valley-1-Stop Auto Service, Uni-Pro
Shops – 10 years
  • A.L. Auto, Uni-Pro
  • Alignement Tardif Inc., Uni-Pro
  • APS Performance Enr., Uni-Pro
  • Bramalea Auto Electric Service 11346-15, Uni-Pro
  • Centre de l’Auto Chauveau, Uni-Pro
  • Centre de l’Auto Ouellet (2011) Inc., Uni-Pro
  • Centre de l’Auto St-Philippe, Uni-Pro
  • Centre Mécanique DDS, Uni-Pro
  • Centre Street Auto Service, Auto-Select
  • Dalhousie Auto Service, Auto-Select
  • Des Ponts Station Service, Uni-Pro
  • Douglas Square Auto Service, Auto-Select
  • Dubé Pneu & Mécanique, Uni-Pro
  • Dutton Farm & Auto Supply Ltd., The Specialist
  • Garage Althot Inc., Uni-Pro
  • Garage Bruno Boivin, Uni-Pro
  • Garage Julien & Bédard Inc., Uni-Pro
  • Garage Nicolas Leblond, Uni-Pro
  • Gate Ave Service, Auto-Select
  • Harvest Hills Auto Repair, Auto-Select
  • J & D Mecanique & Services Inc., Uni-Pro
  • Jack Gagne’s Auto Service, Uni-Pro
  • Les Services Verro Inc., Uni-Pro
  • Mécanique Centre-Ville, Uni-Pro
  • Mécanique Multitech Inc., Uni-Pro
  • Mécanique St-René, Bumper to Bumper Auto Service
  • Mécano plus, Uni-Pro
  • Montgomery Auto Service, Auto-Select
  • Multi Mécanique Plourde, Uni-Pro
  • North Albert Tread Quarters, Uni-Pro
  • Oakridge Automotive, Auto-Select
  • Service Clément Ouellet Inc., Uni-Pro
  • Sherwood Park Service, Auto-Select
  • Silver Springs Automotive, Auto-Select
  • Spécialités Importées M.G. 2009 Inc., Uni-Pro
  • Station Service Donald 2001, Uni-Pro
  • Upper Base Garage, Uni-Pro
  • Willowridge Auto Service, Auto-Select
  • Yanexpro Inc., Uni-Pro
Shops – 5 years
  • Au Garage VF, Uni-Pro
  • AutoFit, Uni-Pro
  • Automobiles Denis Enr., Uni-Pro
  • Cartech Pneu et Mecanique, Uni-Pro
  • Distribution 117 Nord, Uni-Pro
  • Garage Baronnie D.L., Uni-Pro
  • Garage Emond Mécanique, Uni-Pro
  • Garage J.A. Lavoie, Uni-Pro
  • Garage Malo et Fils, Auto-Select
  • Garage S.D. Inc., Uni-Pro
  • Knibbe Automotive #4, Uni-Pro
  • Maison d’autos Fortier Inc., Uni-Pro
  • Monsieur Mécanique R.D., Uni-Pro
  • Preda Pneus Mécanique Performance, Uni-Pro
  • Sinclair Auto Repair, Uni-Pro
  • Unipro Equipement V. Ouellet, Uni-Pro
Corporate stores – 35 years
  • Bowness Auto Parts (1979) Ltd.
  • Rayner’s Automotive Ltd.
Corporate stores – 30 years
  • Centre d’auto Amyotte Enr.
  • Lunenburg Auto & Sporting Supplies Company Ltd.
  • Brown Bros Enterprises (1985) Inc.
  • A & C Auto Parts
  • Western Automotive & Industrial Supply Co.
  • Windsor Starter and Alternator Ltd.
Corporate stores – 25 years
  • Multi-Pièces Napierville Inc.
  • Pièces d’auto Lacroix Inc.
  • Auto Parts Central Inc.
  • B.G. Auto Shop Inc.
  • Eastown Automotive Supply Ltd.
  • Guelph Auto Parts
  • Maritime Bearings & Spec. Limitee
  • Mid-West Auto Supply Ltd.
  • Partsmart Auto Parts Inc.
  • Phoenix Auto Parts Ltd.
  • Quality Auto Parts
  • Reichert’s Auto & Truck Parts
  • Right and Low Parts and Accessories
  • Sangster’s Automotive Supplies
  • Shawinigan Mill Bay Auto Parts (1992) Ltd.
  • United Sales and Service Ltd.
Corporate stores – 20 years
  • Autochrome S.A.R.L
  • Atlantic Auto Performance Ltd.
  • B&A Automotive Sales Ltd.
  • BNK Automotive Ltd.
Corporate stores – 20 years
  • Service Auto H.D. Inc.
  • Baker Supply Ltd.
  • Extreme Speed RV Ltd.
  • O/S Trent Hills Auto Parts
  • P.A.K.T. Automotive & Industrial Supply
  • Parry Sound Auto Parts Inc.
  • Performance Edge Racing Parts and Accessories
  • Swan Valley Auto Ltd.
  • Tersan Holdings Ltd.
Corporate stores – 10 years
  • Custeau Peintures Inc.
  • BP Ag and Truck Ltd.
  • Taylor Automotive Supplies
  • Tool Time Supplies
Corporate stores – 5 years
  • Bumper to Bumper (Mayerthorpe, AB)
  • Bumper to Bumper (Sundre, AB)


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