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Rein Dual-Clutch transmission service kits are designed to address issues on several BMW models. Photo: CRP

Automatic, Dual-Clutch Transmission Service Kits, Water Pumps, Transfer Case actuators.

During this year’s virtual AAPEX event CRP Automotive showcased a range of new products from Rein Automotive. These included ZF automatic and Dual-Clutch transmission service kits, as well as water pumps and OE Transfer Case actuator assemblies for a range of European branded vehicles.

The automatic transmission service kits include a transmission pan, filter, gasket, pan bolts, valve body adapter and sleeves, harness plug sleeves and fill plugs.

Designed for vehicles equipped with ZF 6HP series transmissions are seen as a solution to the short-lived valve body sealing sleeves and adapter in ZF 6HP series transmissions. The kits include all the direct-fitting sealing hardware needed to service the shrunken valve body sealing sleeves during the recommended fluid and filter change interval of 62,000 miles/8 years.

The Dual-Clutch repair kits are designed for those D-C transmissions found on a number of BMW models that are specifically designed to provide a convenient solution for filter and fluid service, addressing issues with the plastic oil pan, as well as service the hydraulic circuit and wet clutch filters on BMW dual-clutch transmissions.

The new Rein electric water pump replacement kits are seen as an ideal solution for the recommended 80,000-mile maintenance interval for cooling system service. These kits ensure that the time-consuming water pump repair is successfully performed in a single effort and avoids the possibility of subsequent service.

Applications for Rein Electric Water Pump Kits include popular BMW 6-cylinder models from 2006-2013.

Lastly, Rein has introduced OE transfer case actuator assemblies for popular European as well as select Asian branded vehicles. These assemblies, offered by CRP, are the only complete OE transfer case actuator motor assemblies available in the aftermarket.

To ensure proper operation and fit, Rein Transfer Case Actuator Motor Assemblies ship with the motor, transmission component, and all necessary hardware needed for the application. The assemblies were developed in conjunction with the OEM to make sure that they operate properly with the vehicle’s ECU and the original transfer case. These kits are available for a range of different models covering brands such as BMW, Infiniti, Land Rover, Mercedes Benz, Nissan, Porsche, and Volkswagen.


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