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It's high time to give your shop a brand image since consumers need you. Photo: Denis Pageau

Following these events, do you aspire to be a good workshop or an excellent workshop?

Over the past few months, I have noticed that a few shop owners have increased their hourly labour rates without much resistance from consumers. For some, this practice has allowed them to continue to operate more efficiently due to the COVID-19 regulations, as they no longer have sufficient resources to effectively thrive and, in some cases, survive.

A challenge

The insidious arrival of this disaster creates a difficult challenge at work, in our personal lives and even at the planetary level. The management of workshops has become increasingly complicated, social networks have become job search engines and is creating quite a turnaround for recruitment firms. I will not talk about the lack of motivation of some people to accept back to work in good faith.

Every day, we roll up our sleeves and ask ourselves what we have to achieve during the day and how to ensure the sustainability of our company. It’s time for change and you want to take the necessary measures to reprogram your workshop to counter the effects of this virus.

Being profitable

Of course, every shop has to be profitable to stay in business and the focus must be on the quality of repair every day. In fact, customers are investing more in the maintenance of their vehicles. People are worried about the future and will want to keep their vehicles longer; delaying the significant investment that comes with the purchase of a new car.

Continue training

You currently have the opportunity to attend numerous webinars offered free of charge by the various committees or online training courses. This is an opportunity to focus on excellence. For you, managers, but also for your entire technical team.

Getting equipped

Shop for new equipment or management software at auto equipment shows. An important educational part to see what’s new that could potentially make your shop grow even more.


Will it be necessary to make any temporary or permanent modifications to make the workspace more cost-effective? Some work bay layouts may need organization.

Restoring the image

Fresh paint, work areas and a clean and comfortable waiting room are essential elements of any workshop. Employees should be encouraged to wear uniforms that are clean and look like a professional technician.

In conclusion, I would say that you can make your shop a great facility if you are willing to do the right thing.

Denis Pageau is a Senior Development Advisor with CAA-Quebec’s network of recommended garages and a skilled technician and trainer.


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Aesthetics Attendant
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Class 2 or 3 Mechanic - from $30 per hour based on experience
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