Alexandre Saillant, Co-President of Groupe Saillant, Wins the 2024 CADA Laureate Award in the Commercial Innovation Category

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Alexandre Saillant, Co-President of Groupe Saillant. Credit: LinkedIn

In a press release issued on June 27, Groupe Saillant announced the nomination of its Co-President, Mr. Alexandre Saillant, as the recipient of the 2024 CADA Laureate Award in the Business Innovation category.

Groupe Saillant is a consortium of several dealerships that has been operating since 1995. This family business from the Quebec region focuses primarily on more economical brands such as Toyota, Subaru, and Hyundai, but since May 2024, it has entered the luxury vehicle market by acquiring Volvo de Québec.

The Canadian Automobile Dealers Association (CADA) asked independent judges from Ivery Business School at Western University to select 3 winners in 3 different categories based on several criteria. For the Commercial Innovation category in particular, the judges evaluated the finalists based on organizational development, company revenue growth, competitive positioning, efficiency and responsiveness, as well as development and learning.

It should also be noted that finalists cannot submit their own applications to win the award. This task falls instead into the hands of other industry members outside the finalists’ organization.

Thus, the 2024 CADA Laureate Award is a great honor for the recipients, as Mr. Saillant explains: “I am very proud and grateful to have won this award. It is a great honor in my career, and it motivates me to always push our company further and to innovate in the automotive field. I am also very proud of all the employees of Groupe Saillant, as this is an award that primarily highlights the excellence of our entire team.”

The 2024 CADA Laureate Awards received hundreds of applications from over 3,400 car dealerships across Canada. Thanks to its acquisition of Volvo de Québec and its overall great development, Groupe Saillant and its Co-President stood out from the competition to win this honor.

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