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The August/September edition of Autosphere Mag is now available online!

We need to roll with the punches as we get back to business.

It’s becoming rather clear that the quick post-COVID economic recovery we were all hoping for isn’t going to be as linear as some of us may have thought.

The assumption may have been that vaccines in arms would be like a light switch that would flip our world from “off” to “on,” but that’s likely not going to be the case.

Already, we’re seeing complications with this “linear recovery” model, thanks in part to vaccine hesitancy, new variants of the virus, and a global shortage of vaccines for less affluent countries.

The latter results in supply chain issues, which further complicate the “back to business” hopes of both business owners and their employees.

Our global supply chains are so tightly knit that a COVID outbreak in one part of the world trickles down to impact the availability of goods in other parts of the globe.

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Two steps forward…

I can’t help but think about how we’re living through a “two steps forward, one step back” scenario.

Whenever we think we can get back to business, some unforeseen occurrence has us re-thinking our strategy.

  • Can we call back our entire staff?
  • Can we get rid of masks?
  • Can we get back to hosting and attending industry events?

Just when we think we can, COVID rears its ugly head, and we have to go back a step or two.

The good news is that overall, we’re moving in the right direction. Things are genuinely improving, businesses are reopening, people are getting back to work, and economies are opening up again.

That said, we’re all going to have to learn to deal with change as we perfect the fine art of adaptability.

In other words, although we’re going to see ups and downs in the weeks and months to come, if we remain flexible then we will be able to adapt and overcome whatever challenges may come our way.

You’ll find great examples of how our industry is adapting to changing circumstances throughout this issue of Autosphere Mag.

Columnist Chris Hill explains how the pandemic has turned procurement practices upside down, forcing fleet managers to extend the lifecycles of their current vehicles.

Rob Ingram offers an interesting perspective on dealing with customers, post-pandemic.

He explains that some consumers will feel perfectly fine dealing face-to-face with retailers, while others will want to conduct transactions remotely, with as little human contact as possible. He stresses the need to remain adaptable, as we cater to both types of customers.

Recently, I heard a business advisor offer sound advice. “Now is not the time to write your plans and policies in stone,” she said. “You have to remain flexible and you have to adapt to the changing circumstances.”

That’s certainly good advice in these constantly changing times.

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