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Photos Michel Beaunoyer

While the 40th edition of the Quebec City International Auto Show (SIAQ) was in full swing until March 12, visitors could’t help but feel great emotion when discovering the beautiful cars on display.

Held at the Centre des Foires d’ExpoCité in Quebec City, the SIAQ brought together several dealers and manufacturers presenting their latest models.

From the modest entry-level car to the most gleaming high-priced car, the visitor discovered the latest generation models.

Collision specialists surely noticed that high-end models are often painted with matte finishes and distinctive coluors. What will also caught their attention was the blast from the past offered by the SIAQ.

Sections were reserved for classic prestige cars, but also for several more current models reflecting the trends of the past.

In addition to seeing the constant evolution of the lines of these cars, visitors also noticed how the finishes have also followed several evolutionary curves.

We present here some models that have caught our attention.


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