BASF to Build Recycling Center in Bécancour

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This image provided by BASF shows the strategic location of the future battery recycling plant for electric vehicles. PHOTO Société du parc industriel et portuaire de Bécancour

In a press release issued today, BASF, a company well known here for its bodywork products, announced the establishment of an EV battery recycling plant in Bécancour, Quebec.

The agreement includes using the land to build a recycling plant for materials derived from end-of-life electric vehicle batteries. The plant is expected to be built in 2025, and expansions will be possible as demand grows.

This German multinational is already active in supplying materials and metals used in the design of these batteries, notably cobalt and nickel. The chosen site, along the St. Lawrence River, will facilitate the circulation of these raw materials, including lithium from recycled batteries. The competitive price of our clean electricity was a factor in choosing Bécancour.

For BASF, this project supports its strategy to provide the Canadian, U.S. and Mexican markets with the materials the automotive industry needs to make the transition to electric mobility.


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