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By accessing the spanesi.us website, under the virtual tours tab, you can live the whole experience of the Concept 360. Photo: Spanesi Americas

Since it was not possible to receive its customers on-site during the SEMA show, Spanesi offered them an immersive virtual tour of a workshop featuring all its new products.

“People couldn’t come to us, so we set up an innovative platform that allowed us to go to them,” summarized Karl Kirschenman, Director of Corporate Communications and Technology at Spanesi Americas.

Behind this statement lies the hard work to build a digital platform offering the possibility to browse a workshop equipped with the latest technology and to get all the information on the equipment by consulting technical data sheets and explanatory videos. It should be noted that all the equipment presented in this virtual workshop is available in Canada.

The “visitor” can walk from one section to another, stop at the equipment that interests him or her, go around it, find the information he or she wants and resume his or her discovery. During normal business hours, visitors can even ask more specific questions, at their leisure, using a chat room where a specialist can answer and accompany them in real-time.

Discover the Concept 360

Easily accessible through the spanesi.us website, under the virtual tours tab, this visit teaches a lot about the company’s 360 Concept solutions. What’s more, to enrich the tour, you can learn more about the company and its founder Orazio by entering the management offices. Information capsules are even available through the company’s training center.

“When the 360 virtual tours went online, the number of visitors to the spanesi.us website exploded. We wanted a simple and modern tool,” says Kirschenman. “A digital catalogue could not have provided an overview that our company wanted. We didn’t have much time before SEMA to build it, but we are very satisfied with the platform and the results it achieves. What’s interesting is that we can make it evolve. For example, we will have several new tools and equipment early next year, and we will be able to add them to this tour. We’re also going to gradually add information and videos to accompany the tools that are currently on display.”

Understanding the tools

The route allows you to visit a preparation area and a Michelangelo paint booth with a movable floor. In the work area, we can see and question the transformable welding machine and the MIG/MAG Synergic welding machine. The same applies to the 14,500 A STRSW spot welder and the mobile particle extraction unit.

Most equipment can be queried for more information. Photo: Spanesi Americas

For heavy equipment, be it the versatile work table or the 106 EXT straightening system, a simple mouse click gives access to all technical information. Also accessible during this visit are the Spanesi riveting machines.

Two innovative systems are worth a visit. These are the PULL-UP! repair system, which allows you to pull damage into place with glue, and the Spanesi electronic measurement system.

By the way, if you like the furnishings or even the trash can, it is also possible to have all the details during the visit.

“Like many people, we are disappointed that we weren’t able to present our equipment to physical visitors,” concludes Kirschenman. “But circumstances forced us to innovate. And with this platform, we are getting closer to them. We even feel like we can shake their hands during live chat sessions.”

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