SEMA, TIA Collaborate to Further Unite Tire Industry, Expand Global Tire Expo

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Attend the SEMA Show Global Tire Expo—Powered by TIA. Photo SEMA

Collaboration is the engine that drives innovation in the specialty-equipment market, and SEMA and the Tire Industry Association (TIA) are a prime example.

The duo is leveraging their 25-year relationship to propel growth in the tire segment with SEMA Show’s Global Tire Expo–Powered by TIA, one of the biggest gatherings of tire manufacturers that can only be found at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas from November 5-8.

“SEMA’s tire manufacturers are a cherished mainstay and attendee favourite of the SEMA Show each year, and we’re committed to working hand-in-hand with TIA to ensure the 2024 Global Tire Expo is one of our best to date,” said Mike Spagnola, SEMA President and CEO.

Joining forces

“By joining the forces of our two dynamic associations, we’re addressing existing barriers and developing programs and opportunities to assist with tire manufacturers’ sales and marketing plans, like participating in the SEMA Show Global Tire Expo –Powered by TIA,” said Dick Gust, TIA President.

Now more than ever, the SEMA Show Global Tire Expo–Powered by TIA is the place to be if you use, sell or service automotive tires, especially as the segment recovers from a global shortage during the pandemic followed by sharp economic inflation.

“We’re cautiously optimistic for 2024; supply-chain woes appear to be coming under control and the effect of inflation and higher tire prices caused the industry to adjust to varying inventory levels,” said Gust. “For tire dealers and repair shops, the short-term good news is that the age of vehicles on the road is increasing—the average is [more than] 12 years—so the demand for replacement tires and maintenance will increase.”

Prices may decline

“We also suspect that tire prices may decline slightly as raw material prices decline. And [additional factors show] consumers are still travelling more miles by car, and electric vehicles are wearing out tires much faster [than ICE counterparts],” Gust said.

Tire manufacturers are encouraged to reserve their spot in the 2024 SEMA Show Global Tire Expo–Powered by TIA now, as exhibitor booth space agreements are increasing. Attendees and media members can expect the usual lineup of respected and emerging tire brands.

To reserve booth space for the SEMA Show, click here. For more information on the SEMA Show, the premier automotive trade show, November 5-8 in Las Vegas, visit semashow.com. SEMA also offers members research, training, education, manufacturing support services, legislative advocacy, group-buying discounts, networking events and more at sema.org.

For more information on TIA, the international non-profit association representing all segments of the tire industry established in 1921, visit tireindustry.org.


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