Nokian Remedy WRG5 Launch: A Tire For All Seasons

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The Remedy WRG5 is a true four-season tire. Photo Nokian

Nokian’s newest all-weather tire ticks all the boxes.

Nokian Tyres invited North American media to a virtual launch event in January 2024 where the Finnish tire manufacturer introduced their latest all-weather tire, the Remedy WRG5. Engineered specifically for the needs of North American drivers, the Remedy WRG5 will be sold exclusively in Canada and the U.S.A.

According to Wes Boling, Senior Communications and Content Manager for Nokian Tyres, the tire is aptly named because it is a “Remedy” to one of the problems North American drivers face: unpredictable weather. With climate change creating unusual and unexpected weather patterns, and with an increase in the number of extreme one-day weather events seen on this continent, Nokian argues that consumers need a tire that can take them through anything the weatherman might have in store for them on any given day.

The Remedy WRG5. Photo Nokian

Boling shared a number of interesting statistics during his virtual presentation: More than half of all North Americans wish their all-season tires could offer better grip in the winter, and three-quarters of North American drivers feel unsafe driving at least a few times each winter.

Nokian’s “Remedy” to this problem is their new all-weather tire, which is designed to outperform all-season tires by offering better grip in winter weather. While this is the company’s newest all-weather tire, Boling explained that Nokian invented this tire category when they first introduced an all-weather passenger tire to North America 25 years ago.

The Remedy WRG5 is a true four-season tire. It features a 3-peak mountain snowflake emblem on the sidewall, which means it has been certified for winter weather performance. This makes the WRG5 suitable for use in snow and slush, as well as in the rain, and during the heat of the summer.

Bullet-proof construction

Not only is the Remedy WRR5 designed for all four seasons, but it’s also made to withstand punctures, and is backed by Nokian’s Pothole Protection warranty. Thanks to sidewalls that have a layer of Aramid fibres (better known as Kevlar, which is found in bullet-proof vests), this new tire promises a superior level of puncture resistance, especially when dealing with potholes.

Nokian is so sure that this tire will withstand the impact of a pothole that they offer to replace any Remedy WRG5 that’s “damaged beyond repair by a roadside hazard,” including potholes. Each new tire is covered for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase, or until 40% of the original tread is gone, whichever comes first. In addition, Nokian offers a 100,000 km treadwear warranty.

Finally, this all-weather tire comes with Nokian’s “ELECTRIC FIT” symbol, which means that it’s suitable for use by electric vehicles, and can offer a quiet ride, low-rolling resistance, weight-bearing properties, and the ability to handle high torque—qualities EV owners want in a tire.

Built for passenger vehicles, SUVs and CUVs, the Remedy WRG5 is available now for order by retailers. Limited sizes are currently on offer, with more coming in early spring. More than 70 sizes will be made available for wheel sizes between 15 and 20 inches. Truly, this new tire ticks all the boxes.


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