Continental’s New ContiPT18: For Those Who Want to Set Things in Motion

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The ContiPT18 solid tire. Photo Continental

Continental has successfully enhanced its material handling tire portfolio with its updated ContiPT18 solid tire. 

Tread wear indicators provide information about the condition of the tire and indicate when the tread no longer meets the minimum depth. Furthermore, Continental has announced eight new tire sizes in quarter two, 2024.

The ContiPT18 solid tire is known for its performance and energy efficiency. Used primarily in intralogistics, the product line is designed for indoor and outdoor use on any surface and is suitable for the highest demands and applications in three-shift operations.

Tread wear indicators indicate when a tire is worn out and needs to be replaced. Photo Continental

Tread wear indicator increases safety during operation

The new tread wear indicator can be seen on both sidewalls of the tire, making it quicker and easier to determine the right time to change a tire. This can reduce overall operating costs by maximizing tire utilization and contribute to greater sustainability.

“With the new ContiPT18, we have developed a tire that not only offers outstanding performance and energy efficiency but also contributes to greater operating safety and efficiency,” says Matthias-Stephan Müller, Product Manager for Material Handling Tires at Continental Specialty Tires. All ContiPT18 tires are also available in non-marking versions.

The ContiPT18’s two-stage design and modern tire compound. Photo Continental

High mileage with low rolling resistance in new tire dimensions

The ContiPT18 offers maximum performance thanks to its two-stage design. Müller: “Thanks to the modern tire compounds we use, heat generation is low while wear resistance is high.” This results in high mileage combined with low rolling resistance. The tread provides grip and optimized transmission of lateral forces, even with heavy loads.

In addition to the standard sizes, in quarter two, of 2024, the following articles will be available:

Item number Product designation (size specification in inches)
13003850000 10X5X6½ ContiPT18 ROB STB CL
13003860000 15½X6X10 ContiPT18 ROB STB CL
13003930000 15X5X11¼ ContiPT18 ROB STB
13003940000 15X5X11¼ ContiPT18 ROB STB CL
13003970000 16¼X7X11¼ ContiPT18 ROB STB
13003980000 16¼X7X11¼ ContiPT18 ROB STB CL
13004010000 18X9X12⅛ ContiPT18 ROB STB
13004020000 18X9X12⅛ ContiPT18 ROB STB CL



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