Hankook Tire Develops New AI-based Voice of Customer (VOC) Analysis System

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Hankook Tire has been collaborating with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Snowflake to develop its AI-based VOC. Photo Hankook Tire

Hankook Tire developed a Voice of Customer (VOC) analysis system for electric vehicles (EVs) based on the generative artificial intelligence (AI) platform ChatGPT.

Through the new system, Hankook Tire aims to accelerate technological innovation and reinforce quality competitiveness in the EV tire sector.

Key collaborators

Since early this year, Hankook Tire has been collaborating with data cloud computing companies Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Snowflake to build an integrated VOC data analysis system, to establish a quality management system built to facilitate the industry’s top EV tire technologies.

Hankook Tire’s newly established VOC system has enhanced the reliability of collected data by dramatically reducing the impact of the “hallucination”—a term referring to the information distortion that occurs when generative platforms confidently assert incorrect information—which is currently considered one of the biggest limitations of generative AI. Through AWS’s Bedrock platform, the company analyzed a vast amount of VOC collected online in real time and built a monitoring system so that it could be utilized immediately in the field.


Through this analysis system, Hankook Tire plans to proactively service the diverse needs of EV customers by gathering in-depth insights and applying them broadly throughout the entire product cycle, including development, production, and quality management. In particular, the technology and quality competitiveness of iON—Hankook Tire’s EV-exclusive tire brand—is expected to further improve through the integration of VOC and performance test data analysis.

While developing these new VOC capabilities, Hankook Tire has also completed the construction of an integrated analysis platform that includes a quality early warning system, a quality-related monitoring system “Q-Portal,” and an “Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)” quality analysis system.

By connecting to this new integrated analysis platform, users can harness easy access to data and further apply it to their business practices. As a cloud-based service, the system also offers high stability without the need for maintenance and helps form a culture in which all members work fluidly with data. Access to the data network will ultimately allow for the gaining of deeper insights and the creation of enhanced business value.



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