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Alexandre McCabe is a Network Operations Advisor for Point S Canada. Photo Point S Canada

The warm weather is upon us, the tire season is in full swing, the shops are overflowing, but in a few weeks the pace will slow down and this is a great opportunity to adopt new business opportunities.

Spring and summer are great seasons to sell services other than mechanics and tires, such as auto glass and detailing. If our harsh winters put the mechanics to the test, the fact remains that the body and windshield are also tortured by the de-icing salts and abrasives spread on our roads like sand and small stones.

Clean and protect

A good interior and exterior washing, a decontamination of the paint, a followed polishinga wax or even a treatment such as a sealant or nanoceramic will restore the shine and protection to the car.

We can also check the condition of the headlights and offer to polish them if they have become opaque or yellowed as a result of the sun’s assaults.

These abrasives also attack the windshield, which can suffer a chip (star) following an impact with a stone, but fortunately can be repaired easily and quickly. The preventive repair of the windshield will often be fully covered by the insurer, so the customer will not have to pay anything.

In the worst cases, the windshield can be cracked, which will lead to a replacement. And when working on the glass, why not take the opportunity to check the condition of the wipers and suggest a hydrophobic treatment.

Sales opportunities

The spring season is a great opportunity to restore a vehicle’s condition for the warm weather. It is therefore necessary to be attentive when the vehicle enters your shop during the tire change to detect any additional sales opportunities. This is when it will be important to work as a team to put the vigilance and talents of all your players to work, from your consultant to your mechanic and your glass and detailing technician.

The coming of summer will bring a clientele that will be looking to equip their vehicles with additional accessories for the vacations and long summer trips. You can therefore include in your offer the sale and installation of trailer hitches and fifth wheels, bike racks, storage boxes and cargo bars for the vehicle roof.

Some will also look for practical accessories such as hood or window deflectors, floor mats, or items that will allow them to personalize the vehicle to their image.

By having all these services under one roof, you increase your average bill, decrease the effect of slower periods, and increase the satisfaction of your customers who will be able to entrust any work on their vehicle under the same address, i.e. their trusted shop.


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