Hankook Tire launches iON Tire Lineup in Canada for Premium EVs

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Hankook ION Tire Lineup for Premium EVs. Photo Hankook Tire

As automakers continue to develop full EV lineups, Hankook Tire is creating innovative and sustainable new products to advance and optimize electrified vehicles.

To account for this ever-growing EV evolution, Hankook Tire is launching iON in Canada, the world’s first full lineup of tires specially designed for high-performance electric vehicles.

In 2021, a record 86,032 electric vehicles were registered in Canada and in Q1 2022 and the highest number of EV quarterly registrations on record at 26,018 (7.7% of total registrations for the period). That’s why Hankook Tire is helping lead the charge in optimizing EVs to be even more efficient.

Further optimize efficiency

“This new generation of tire will further optimize the efficiency of electric vehicles in everyday use for Canadian drivers,” said Sungil Jun, President at Hankook Tire Canada. “Hankook iON tires make it possible to drive further, reduce rolling resistance, lower rolling noise and have higher resilience compared to standard tires”.

The iON tire family includes the Hankook iON evo AS, an all-season tire, with fitments for electric sedans and medium to large-sized SUVs. The iON evo AS features a high rigidity profile and tread design that provides an exceptional grip that performs equally well in dry, wet and mild winter driving conditions.

Electric vehicles tend to weigh more than ICE vehicles, which is caused by the considerable weight of the drive batteries. To combat this, the iON evo AS contains ‘EV Contour Technology’ which increases lateral rigidity by 25%, and cornering rigidity by 20% compared to all-season touring tires for ICEs, to advance electric vehicle grip and smooth tire performance. Additionally, the Hankook Sound Absorber in combination with the specific pattern design integrated into the iON products reduces the interior noise significantly.

Will push boundaries

Following the launch of the iON evo AS, Hankook Tire will once again push boundaries with the launch of the new Hankook iON i*cept. As a winter tire specifically designed to meet the requirements of electric sedans and SUVs, the iON i*cept has a tread compound that ensures the lowest possible rolling resistance without sacrificing performance on wet and snow-covered roads. By using natural oils, it is possible to achieve the necessary grip, even at low temperatures.

“Hankook understands the unique conditions of Canadian winters. Our iON i*cept tire ensures Canadian EV drivers have exceptional and safe diving experiences in cold and icy conditions,” said Sungil Jun.

The Hankook iON evo AS and iON i*cept, will be available in Q3 2023.

Hankook Tire’s one-of-a-kind platform can help Canadians find the best tire set for their needs. Consumers can visit Hankooktire.com and be guided to find the right tires according to their vehicle’s tire size, maker, model, year and personal preferences.



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