Goodyear’s New Ultra-premium Highway Tire, Wrangler Steadfast HT

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Engineered for life’s adventures, the new all-season tire features a long-lasting tread compound, strong wet traction and durable DuPont Kevlar tread material for a safe and comfortable ride. Photo Goodyear

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company announced a new addition to its Wrangler highway tire portfolio, the Goodyear Wrangler Steadfast HT.

Representing Goodyear’s strongest performing highway tire to date, the Wrangler Steadfast HT is an all-season tire with strong wet performance, enhanced ride comfort and the peace of mind that Kevlar offers–giving drivers the confidence to enjoy every drive.

Backed with a 70,000-mile (112,654 km) treadwear limited warranty, the Wrangler Steadfast HT features a long-lasting tread compound for longer tread life and deeper, wider grooves designed to help provide wet traction and control. The use of DuPont Kevlar in the tire tread provides puncture and heat resistance to help protect against pothole damage and handle whatever the road has to offer. With a balanced tread and sidewall design, and a built-in Wear Gauge for easy tread-depth readings, drivers can also expect a smooth quiet ride that helps make even those unplanned adventures smooth sailing.

“When engineering the Wrangler Steadfast HT tire, we wanted to introduce a new level of premium to the highway tire category,” said Michiel Kramer, director of Consumer Product Marketing at Goodyear. “Steadfast stands for ‘firm in purpose’ – and with an innovative tread and sidewall design that offers drivers a long-lasting and comfortable ride, along with enhanced wet traction and Kevlar durability – Wrangler Steadfast HT is built to handle whatever adventure comes their way.”

The Goodyear Wrangler Steadfast HT is available in 22 sizes and is compatible with a wide range of today’s most popular SUVs, CUVs and pick-up trucks. Popular fitments include the GMC Yukon, Lincoln Navigator, Ford Expedition, Chevrolet Silverado, Ford F-150 and more.

To learn more about the new Goodyear Wrangler Steadfast HT, visit www.goodyear.com or contact your local Goodyear authorized dealer.


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