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New TC33 series of tire changers from Hunter Engineering. PHOTO Hunter Engineering

The new TC33 series of tire changers from Hunter Engineering was designed with efficient functionality in mind.

Its compact yet capable design is perfect for shops with limited space—and especially so when it comes to mobile service vans!

The TC33’s shop-focused benefits include an ability to handle tough assemblies with speed and simplicity. The floating three-point arm is faster than a swing-arm design, and the ergonomic control handle of the PowerOut Bead Loosener breaks tough beads without difficulty.

The cam platen adjusts to three height positions for operator comfort, allowing a wide range of wheel widths. The cam action also multiples the clamping force, with no need for flange plates on many reverse wheels. 

Fully variable speed matches the optimal RPM for every tire-changing scenario.

Specifically designed with mobile service in mind

The TC33M model was specifically designed with mobile service in mind. The tank has been relocated to create a much smaller footprint, fitting any truck or van platform while allowing easy loading and unloading. Compact roller bead breaking saves valuable floor space by eliminating the need for a side shovel.

Additionally, all units in the TC33 series emphasize wheel protection by clamping to the hub instead of the rim edge. Plastic protectors on the side shovel and a polymer mount head take wheel protection even further.

An optional wheel lift and two optional press systems offer additional benefits for larger and more challenging tires. Both press systems can be installed simultaneously for maximum capability.

“If you don’t have a lot of space, but still need to get a lot of tire changing done, the TC33 is exactly what you’re looking for,” said Jim Hudson, Hunter Product Manager. “And while it’s compact, it still allows for a high degree of customization to handle even the toughest of tires.”

For more information, visit hunter.com/tire-changers/center-clamp.



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